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    Quote Originally Posted by george uk View Post
    yes i will dig it out for you mate, i saved all the manuals and parts lists that peope showed/supplied me.

    I searvices mine, so let me know if you get stuck. Its a big machine to start with but not to hard.

    Whats your intent for it.
    im based up north in manchester was hoping to do kitchen units and bedroom furniture but at the moment can not get away from shopfitting. i have found the parts manual but still could do with a user manual

    thanks for the reply

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    will do, i might have to scann it ( its big ), so i will do it friday or saturday.

    Its ideal for kitchen and wardrobes. there are some special codes as part of the g-code, but nothing unusual. i think i have a copy of the setting disk and some other bits you will find usfull.


    when servicing bearings and so, the parts manual does not always show you all clips and screws. I got stuck on the main X screw baring for a while. they are easy enough to service though

    2. Take time to make sure you set the feet properly, so the the weight is spread over the full lenght ( stop any slight twist on long jobs ) even if you have had it stood for a while, true up the shape by adjusting the feet

    final,,, saftey barriers and e-stops are a must on these type machines... they look fabulously dangerous whilst in operation. massive green iron comedy splatting type cnc machines

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    Thanks for all the help george are you based any where near me

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    Quote Originally Posted by anwar View Post
    Thanks for all the help george are you based any where near me
    If you mouse hover over the flag next to his name it indicates that he is in Grimsby So up the M62 about 108 miles ..Clive

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