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    Feel bad starting a thread over what seems to be a very simple question.

    How do you set the Rapid speeds in CamBam?

    Have been looking for the last hour and can't find it anywhere.

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't think you do - if by rapid you mean G0 commands, the speed is set by the machine controller.

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    As FatFreddie says, you don't set G0 speed in CamBam, or any other similar software.
    G0 is simply a rapid command, which means the machine controller moves to the commanded position as fast as it's set to do.

    If for some reason you want to limit rapid speed for certain moves, then you'll have to manually swap the G0's for G1's and set a suitable feed rate.

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    m_c is dead right, but it can be a pain if looking for individual rapids to change. If however you wish to slow all your rapids down to feed speeds you could modify the post processor, so that all G0's are changed to G1's. You could then decide which version of the post you wish to use when selecting the post. I hope that makes sense. G.

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    Thank you all. It is exactly as you say and have worked it out.

    cheers :)

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