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    Has anyone here fitted a Proma THC to a Plasma running Mach3??

    I have one coming and am trying to find examples of working setups.

    I can only use the torch up and down signals as I only have two inputs left on my breakout board.

    Hopefully it will work.

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    Well i've totally reconfigured my machine and now have the UP, DOWN and ARC-OK signals coming in to Mach3 OK. In the end I switched to G28.1 height setting which freed up the input used by the probe.

    However I cannot get the THC on/off button on Mach3 to do anything ( and yes it is a licensed copy)

    If the "Allow THC inputs when not in THC mode" box is ticked, It will work but i cannot stop it, if it is unticked it will not work at all regardless if the THC button is on or off.

    Any ideas??

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    Never mind, it's all working - the THC on/off button does nothing unless you are running code, it will not allow the up and down signals through at all without a program running AND the arc-ok signal AND the THC on/off button being set to on.

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