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    hi there, would this kit be ok to use to cnc any machine

    or will it only work on a syil x3

    also do you know how much the postage would be.


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    yes its just 3 drivers, 3 steppers, power supply,break out board same as any other 3 axis system,just be a case of connecting the steppers to your screws and setting up in mach.
    firstly you,ll need to work out if its adequate for the machine you have in mind in terms of size of machine etc..I think it would be handy for someone with a small hobby mill or a desktop cnc
    postage im guessing 20-25 with parcelfarce but anyone interested is welcome to sort out their own courier thanks

  4. Not wanting to scupper your sale but I think you should also point out that this is a package and that the drivers are factory set up for those motors, so changing motors will require test equipment not a simple switch setting.

    The NEMA23 motors are 1.8Nm static torque and the whole thing is running on a 36v supply. So will possibly suit a small (A4, maybe A3 sized) desktop cnc router running at low to medium feed rates but is more aimed at small table column mills.

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    so would this kit be any use to work on the clarke cmd1225d


  6. Probably - need to compare with x3 for size and also upgrade to ballscrews..

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    i think the clarke is slightly bigger to the x3
    and i can see the nema 23's are the smaller 260 oz/in steppers.

    from all the reading ive done i think i would need the 425oz/in ones.

    cheers irving2008
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