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    I have to part dismantle and SCM Tech95 to move it and get it in my workshop

    I am removing the top canitleaver section ( the full moving bit.

    I think i need to remove the screw as the baring housing is fixed through the cantileaver ( Y mech )

    her is a picture, can anyone suggest dismantling instructions, i think i know but its always better to ask advice from experienced people. Although any advice is welcome

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    this is the conection to the Y

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    i think i will tyake the full bscrew off at both ends so i dont have to remove that bearing from the Y

    its big

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    Can anyone suggest a good way to remove a pully belt under tention. Its the one pictured above, ie is the a better way than brut force, any suggestions welcome.
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    What's stopping you just unbolting the motor? ..Clive

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    Accesses is hard to the rear, but i will give it a go.

    Is that the usual way,

    and am removing the pully to get behined it, so i can remove the X screw, with the baring intact. I have to remove the full Y Mech to get it in,
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    There must be a way to release tension from the belt first ?
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    I am suspecting clive pointed out what i need to do.

    I was just overthinking it, its qurquard so was looking for the lazy way. i was hoping it would have enough give so i could streach it over,

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    That's looks virtually identical to our Morbidelli. I didn't realize that they are apparently the same company, or one is the parent company of the other.

    I would think that you can push the head towards one end, then unbolt the screw and just turn the screw through the nut. Then you don't need to remove the pulley. Be careful, though, as there's a good chance that all the balls will fall out of the nut when you pull the screw.
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    Those four bolt heads holding motor look like could be eccentric cams to me.? Those will be whats used for tensioning the belt if there are no other signs of tensioning.
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    Ger --- thzats my final option, am tryin g to avoid winding it off.

    Jazz ---- Yes, i think if i can get them loose, that will give me the room i need. I just dont have the exact tool i need, typical,

    Question. if am unable to loosen the motor, will it be problematic winding it off and just putting the balls back in . Ie is it worth me putting more effort into removing them bolts, or is it ok to wind the baring of the screw ?-- not just the pully but the baring set listed above ?


    unwound the screw of the baring,--- needs a good clean out anyhow....
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