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    If you remove the retaining nut (part #16), you might be able to slide the ballnut right out of the housing, and leave it on the screw.
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    had to unwind it in the end, i just didn't have the tools to hand that could access it properly, need a forklift and driver tomorrow now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ger21 View Post
    Be careful, though, as there's a good chance that all the balls will fall out of the nut when you pull the screw.
    Turn a length of plastic rod to the base diameter of the screw (bore to accomodate any reduced end on the screw) and run that into the nut as the end of the screw moves through, the balls will be retained by the plastic which you leave in place until re-installing the screw.

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    This is the best video I think showing how to repack a ball nut, it worked for me no problem. It also shows the idea magicniner mentions to keep the balls in.

    Linearmotionbearings C7 Ballnut Flipping and Repacking - YouTube
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    am presuming these are vac locked, does anyone know if there is an easy way to release them without powering the machine

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    I've used a machine in the past (Masterwood) where they were locked with compressed air. But they were free with no air, so I'm not sure. Are they possibly seized?
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    I suspect its a reverse vacuum, and am looking for the release points. will give it a go by opening one point on one. There are release buttons, but they done seem to do anything when the powers off

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    Well, we eventually got it in the workshop. Now onto the servicing.

    Any pointer on best way to service rails and blocks. They have grease nipples but are hammered with fine particles, I would rather not fully disassemble if possible. Am thinking

    1. warm the block, ram loads more grease through, till it runs clear, wipe residue, repeat every 2 weeks untill no trace of particles.

    anyone advise or opinion on this

    2. basic soapy water for the rail and machine, clean up with pure alcohol .

    Also, i wander if anyone could talk me through some electronics questions in relation to the supply to this.

    The machine ( scm tech 95l ..1998 ) says 400w 3p on the cabinet. Plugged into that, separate, its what looks like a huge but basic inverter ( am guessing 240v 3p to 380v 3p ).

    If i wish to run this off a large genny, what extra power should i consider ( above the machine draw )

    It look like it would run from both 240v 3p and 380v 3p, but the box says 400v 3p. the possible genny outputs are 240v 3p 380v 3p and 415v 3p. I understand that if i run it at 240v 3p, it will be lower powered, but maybe thats not a problem for me, What i really dont understand is

    1. Is ther any benefit/loss using the inverter to go from 240-380
    2. if the genny outputs 415v, would i have to invert that down to 380v
    3. any advice or opinions on using a genny with a large machine.

    mm, thinking, i may need to check the inverter, as it may be 415-380, but i doubt it, it looks like 220v to 380v inverter. ( the inverter looks like its SMC branded and purchased with the original machine
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    Gunk might be useful for the cleanup too ?

    With regard to the voltage, you need to find out what voltage each component is rated at. The spindle motor and VFD will be the first to look at, the other components will normally have a lower voltage rating but will be supplied via a transformer or power supply so you need to see what the input voltage is for those items. From the sound of "400w 3p" this indicates a control panel taking 400 watts at 3phase voltage (did you confuse this later in your post with "400v 3p" ?) If it is 400 watts then it sounds like a 3phase 415v (or thereabouts) transformer is supplying the cabinet and this could be replaced.
    The inverter will have to match the spindle motor or if you want it to work on single phase you might have to replace the inverter and motor. There are other threads in this forum about running spindles and inverters from various voltage sources.
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    Hi eddy. I will get some Gunk ( i presume thats the proper name )

    on the electric side.

    The main brain box ( electrics cabinet with the pc, vdf, servo drivers and controllers, has its own sets of inverters built in to get 5v 12v 240v and drive servoes and encoders and VDF ). Seporate to that box, is what looks like huge transformer or inverter. ( not statndard to the machine ). I may as well buy a genny to run the 3phaze than convert it. Its a hugh and heavy machine ( 4mt long, without the brain cabinet ). i doubt it would run on single phaze without a massive gearing system.

    I suspect, that the place were i purchased the machine of, may have had 220v 3p as a supply and used the inverter to upp it to 380v 3p ( the machine standard ), but am not sure, i will take a picture tomorrow and post it up. I need to know so i can get the correct or best matched genny

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