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    just a little one for making brackets and the like.
    want to cut at least 5mm steel plate.
    can you point me in the duirection of a plasma cutter.

    is it possible to have no movement in the z axis, simply setting the machine for 5mm plate
    adding 1mm under grate for 4 -etc.

    I realise I don't need heavy duty motors?

    do i need to have the ball screws to the sides?

    is it wise to invest in rtwo sided belt drives for the x axis

    whaere do you get them

    do you use a floor grate as the sacrificial doofer?

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    have a scan through this forum and check all the threads by me - Davek0974

    I recently built a small machine and you will likely find 90% of your answers in the threads somewhere, pictures too.


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