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    It would seem to me that if anyone has something to sell, they should know what they paid, know what they want ( can always use ebay etc to see what similar items sell for). This type of forum should not be used to try to form an auction, or to screw the highest price out of what is in effect a captive audience. Decide how much you want and post the prices. That's my opinion anyway. G.

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    A few of you have a very automatic negative opinion, I'm not entirely sure what I have done to make you think I'm looking to screw anyone or form an auction - I was simplest after a educated stab at what a fair resale price is for an item I'm unfamiliar with and thought the knowledge base of the forum might have been able to suggest something fair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dynamis_dk View Post
    I got a couple ballscrew setups cheap . . .
    I think saying this was your mistake, now everyone expects to buy them cheap.
    Never reveal what you paid.
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    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Yeah maybe your right... I'm getting the feeling eBay might just be easier which is something I didn't see myself saying any time soon lol

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    To me it Doesn't matter if you payed a 1 or found it under a bush everything as a value and if it's fair price then I buy it, if your too expensive then Jog on.! . . How you come across it is your bee's wax not mine or anyone else's.!

    Now if you want an idea of price then we need more info on what you have so why not start again with some info.!

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    Cheers Jazz, that's pretty much what I feel but you just put it better lol.

    I'll get a few pictures tonight and some details so you can see what's what :)

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    I did not suggest selling on ebay, I merely suggested using ebay to give you an idea of what items sell for. Indeed what you paid is irrelevant, good luck to you if you if you make a good profit. I suspect that the reason that some forums do not allow your sort of post has become obvious by the different opinions that have been expressed here. G.

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    To be honest i'd much rather someone ask about what some things worth than just offer it up for sale cheap only to realise they have under valued it when someone instantly snatches it up then not want to sell it.
    This happened to me quite awhile ago when someone came across a load of machine parts and didn't realise what they had bought. I instantly jumped in and made an offer for the Job lot.!! . . . Now me being the straight type of person I did this to help the guy and I didn't really want them (thou was prepared to buy them) I just knew they where too cheap so I put him in the picture told him what they where worth along with identifing lots of other high value parts that he didn't have a clue were worth. All I really wanted where a few servo motors so after several conversasions on phone and emails etc identifying parts and valueing parts for him on the understanding he could keep the parts I made offer on and sell at correct value if I just could have a few servo's at right price but the greedy Bastard stuffed me a sold the lot to someone else and I never got a servo or thank you.!!

    My mistake because I was too nice and should have just bought the lot I made the offer for but it's Ok because I don't forget and only get bitten one time plus every dog as his day.!! . . . . So as you see I'd much rather someone ask the price then I make a fair offer and everyones happy.

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    To my mind the seller should decide what selling price he wants ( after market research) and then offer the items for sale. On a forum such as this the so called "perceived" value of an item is purely subjective, and someone who has recently bought a similar item at new price will not necessarily have the same opinion as that of someone that has bought a used item from Korea for instance. Research selling prices, decide on a fair price and then offer for sale - that's my two pennorth anyway. G.
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    I would argue than my effort to find its value via a forum of experiences cnc fans would count as market research :)

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