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    OK guys, simple question....what tools should I get for milling and turning besides the usual selection of cutters and bits, DRO's, a 125mm swivel milling vice, quick change tool post, live centre, ER32 collet chuck set?

    What are the tools that you just can't do without, DTI's, boring heads? All I'll be doing is mainly turning down items, putting in circlip grooves and the odd bit of milling but I (read my work) want a good selection of tools so that I don't have to wait for a tool to arrive before I can set up a machine or do some machining.


  2. For the mill -
    A toolmakers vice, a set of solid parallels and a set of wavy parallels.
    For the lathe -
    Enough quick change holders to allow multiples of the same tools with different inserts on centre without messing about.

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    For the lathe this is the tool I use 90% of the time, love it.

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    I would add a bench grinder if you haven't already got one - nothing worse than a blunt HSS lathe tool when you need it sharp.

    I also have a morse taper drill bit chuck (robbed from my pillar drill) and some of my larger drill bits are the morse taper type (normally followed up with a boring bar operation).

    Also if you do tube work then a morse taper with a 3 or 4 jaw chuck for the tail stock so you can hold long objects (I still need to get a travelling/steady rest for my lathe).

    One thing I have found is that no matter when I think I have got everything, a job will crop up, which needs something new to do it with ;)

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  8. If it's for work just use the right inserted tooling, time at the grinder fannying around sharpening is fine if you've nothing els e to do though ;-)

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  10. You can spend a fortune on tools, and still not have the one needed for a job, so I wouldn't even contemplate trying to cover all eventualities!

    Alot will depend on the size of machines you have, but here's a quick list I can think of-
    Clamp set - the usual generic kit that nearly all suppliers sell, in whatever size that fits the T-slots
    Vice - something nearing the capabilities of whatever machine you have, and something smaller if you have the funds. Large stuff you usually clamp straight to the table, but using a vise is normally easier, however mounting small stuff in a large vise can be a pain. If you have a rough idea of what you're likely to machine, use that as a guid to what vise to buy.
    End mills - For steel I usually only have 4 sizes. 12, 10, 6, and 4mm. Anything needing another size I just order when needed. I also have a some larger indexable endmills which I do use a fair bit, but that's only any good if you're machine is large/powerful enough (I picked mine up of ebay a while ago for a pretty good price)
    Boring head - pretty much essential if using a manual mill and need to bore something.
    DTI - pretty invaluable if setting up to an existing hole/truing to a surface.
    Edgefinder - as the name implies, pretty essential for setting up from a known edge
    Wobbler - handy if you need to pick up marked lines

    Other than the usual cutting tools, I can't think of much.
    Personally I use index tooling for 99% of stuff, with HSS saved for doing profiled stuff, however it can work out expensive.
    An indexed parting tool is a revelation for parting off, compared to using HSS.
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    Various bits of bar stock so that you can make the one off specials that crop up.

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    Thanks guys, some more items added to the list of things to get. As it's for work I've ordered indexing tools for the lathe and got a selection of mill bits (20mm down to 4mm) for the mill...


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    Not much to add other than Angle plates and Machinst Jacks are handy for odd shaped stuff. Decent fly cutter and/or Boring head.

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    How about centre drill bits for the lathe Centre Drills - Arc Euro Trade etc. ..Clive

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