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    Usually, the imperial bearing temperature as bearing operation began to rise slowly, after 1 to 2 hours to reach a steady state. The normal temperature of bearing for machine heat capacity, heat dissipating capacity, rotational speed and load. If the lubrication, installation is not appropriate, the bearing temperature will go up sharply, there will be unusually high temperature, then must stop running and take necessary precautions.
    Using thermal device can monitor the imperial bearing operating temperature, and implement e. automatic alarm when the temperature exceeds or stop to prevent the shaft accidents.Bearing heating device selection requirements to the environment
    With high temperature often said bearing is in abnormal situation. High temperature also harmful to the bearing lubricant. Sometimes overheated bearings can be classified to the bearing lubricant. If the imperial bearing in more than 125 ℃ temperature for a long time even move to reduce the bearing life. The causes of high temperature bearing include: lubrication inadequate or excessive lubrication, the lubricant. Contains impurities, heavy load, bearing damage, clearance, high friction and oil seal and so on.
    Therefore the continuous monitoring of imperial bearing temperature is necessary, whether measured bearing itself or other important parts. If it is on the basis of the operating conditions, the temperature change of any fault has occurred.
    Bearing temperature measurement can help make a thermometer on a regular basis, such as bearing type digital thermometer, can accurate bearing temperature measurement and display by ℃ or Fahrenheit units.
    Importance of imperial bearing, means that when the damage cause of equipment downtime, so this type of bearings shall be equipped with best temperature probe.
    Under normal circumstances, the imperial bearing in just after the grease or lubricant will be a natural temperature rise and the last one or two days.

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    Go on, I'll bite, how much is it and how much is postage to the UK?

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    Sounds like a good reason to use metric bearings to me. Or maybe he means bearings dating from the days of the Chinese emperors?

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    It is important to lubricate the shaft before sliding it into the Imperial Overbearing, otherwise temperature rise and firction will cause the mating surfaces to chafe. ;-)

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