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    I have a emco mill 50 will a 3000rpm max spindle. I need to use a 2mm cutter to mill/route lexan material. I have a feeling the spindles going to be to slow with the small cutter. Has anyone tried milling lexan? Is my spindle too slow?

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    I've used hand held routers with 26000 rpm and single flute TCT for 2mm and that's cut fine. But I would say 300 rpm would be to slow. This might help you, scroll down about half way down the page. You'll see this

    " Computerised trimming is a fully automatic milling process. It is extremely accurate and operates horizontally as well as vertically. The use of a vacuum-operated jig avoids vibration of the part ensuring a smooth cut. Standard high speed, two sided cutting routers with tungsten carbide tips are recommended, with a cutting speed of approximately 250 m/min at 25.000/30.000 RPM at a sheet thickness of 4 mm."


    Hope this helps. Mike

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    You may also find that a cutting fluid made of approx 50-50 dish detergent and water will help immensely

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    Thanks guys sounds like my spindle may be too slow. Might try and get some lexan to make some test cuts before commiting to the job.
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