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    Can anyone help me with the wire gauge used for spindle to vfd cable. Thank you. Art

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    You don't mention the size of your spindle motor but as an example this is what I used;
    2.5mm^2 CY cable 3 core + earth. Cy Cable Per Meter 4 core 2.5mm (2.5mm X 4 Core CY Cable) ONLY £1.24
    My spindle motor is 2.2Kw and the vfd is a single phase to 3 phase 240volt. ABB ACS355 2.2kW 230V 1ph to 3ph - Vector Control AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller - AC Inverter Drives (230V)
    I used that size cable because that's what the ABB manual indicated. Some may say this cable is bigger than required but the physical size is not a problem and I have no problems with interference, also what a lot of people do not realise is that the cable is sized to handle fault currents which in most cases are much larger than normal running current.
    In addition I had to get ABB to come to site because there were issues with the inverter at high frequencies in vector mode, if I had not complied with the recommended wiring that's the first thing they would have pointed out. The screen should be connected to ground at both ends to meet EMC directives.

    I suggest you read the vfd manual to see what it recommends for your size motor, if there is no mention of that then look at other vfd manuals of a similar size to see what they say.
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    Thank you very much. I also have 2.2 KW motor. Thanks again. Art

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