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    I would appreciate any comments about the TB6560 board, especially how it would cope with the motors in this kit.

    CNC 3rd 4 Axis TB6560 Driver Kit & 425 Oz-in Stepper Motor For Router& Milling | eBay

    I am about to embark on a build, I have the bulk of the materials needed, the rails and ballscrews, but not the electronics.

    I have the idea that this board could be a chip fryer. What says anybody ?

    The other doubt I have is that this is actually UK stock, and if it is sent to me from China, would HMRC and FedEx want payment ?



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    Well it's a bit late to say don't even think about it, so here's a few links to help:





    In short, they have their place - but a respectable CNC router is not it. The problem is the rated voltage of the TB6560 IC is too low to drive the motors often connected to them well - especially the ones in that kit. Here's why. If the motors in the link you've given are the correct torque rating for your machine, then you'd be far better off getting these motors as their inductance is lower, so they can be driven at a sensible voltage (75V) and get good performance. Look for individual drivers to match the motors - search on the forum and I expect you'll find more posts about this than words in this post.
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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    Thanks Jonathan,

    It is certainly too late to begin thinking about it, I started that process some time ago. I was looking back through posts about the TB6560 and wondering if the horror stories were the result of overdoing the capabilities of the board (well that's fairly obvious) so I was just wondering if there was any merit in them as they are all over eBay like a rash.

    I am getting surer that my credit card will be travelling to MK to see CNC4YOU.



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