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    i think my kit i have has 2 course, 2 medium and 2 fine kurl wheels.
    the best one to get it the clamp type, that clamps on top and bottom of the workpiece.
    the single wheels ones have to push against the workpiece and can stress the lathe bearings

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    Can you recommend a course wheels one please? Also can the top and bottom wheels reduce the wobble in my round bar too? Not sure why a think piece of ali is wobbling when it turns?

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    cant remember where i got my kit from. it was either rdg tools or chronos.

    it will depend on what thickness bar your planning on knurling, just make sure it can do the thickness of bar your planning on using.
    it wont reduce the wobble as the clamp type can move up and down as it knurls.

    really the only way to get rid of that would be to put it between the chuck and a centre in the tailstock and turn it down.
    unless you can bend it back the otherway to straighten it.

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    I think it may be worth your talking to "Permagrit". They bond their abrasives onto timber and ally. Iuse their products quite a lot. G.

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    Would one of these be any good -

    1" Diamond Sanding Drum

    - Nick

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    Hey Guys, I am back again. After trying my luck with knurling on to my ali bar I realised that knurls don't work well for something that is 400mm long and spinning. So now am looking for other solutions. One is that I buy a half round file (which is 400mm long) or try something even more insane. The insane idea is to mill (or ask someone here to help me) and produce a long version of this BLACK AND DECKER 90546472 POWERFILE 13MM ARM + PAD FOR KA900 KA900E | eBay. Now I know a sanding belt spinning at that sort of length is definitely going to cause many issues but i am running out of ideas. Can someone please help me figure this out? Any thing at this point would be of great help. Cheers

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    You need a rasp for wood, not a file,, on an extension then fitted to a reciprocating saw such as this one, Titan TTB533RSP Reciprocating Saw 240V | Corded Reciprocating Saws |
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    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Funny how you say that I just got off the phone with a guy who sells half round rasps and he told me that the blades on the edges of the half round rasp burn out easily. A round rasp on the other hand will be really handy. I mean I can always work at it with my hands rather than a machine as long as I could see the material pealing off lol. So at the moment I am looking for round rasps which 400mm long lol. Thanks for the advice though

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    how about one of these guys products ive yet to try one myself but planning on it in the near future Saburr-Tooth :: Carbide Coated Rotary Tools

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