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    Hi there yall,

    I've checked out this forum a few times and finaly decided to join up! I'm a CNC/General all round machinist from good old derby who has been in the game for around 13 years.

    My main background has been in milling 3/5 axis but i am also experienced in grinding, dynamic balancing, cmm inspection, and am currently employed as a CNC turner/ vert borer as i fancied a change and to brush up on my turning skills, plus it will help on the old c.v should the worst happen.

    For a young pup i've been around the block a bit having worked in the u.k and overseas chasing the money on the contracting circuit and have worked on more machines than i can remember so any questions about machining or various forms employment/self employment issues i would be glad to help.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I'm new here too, and a much less proficient machinist than yourself. Are you planning to build a machine, or would that be a bit of a busmans's holiday?!!?

    I'm in the mackworth area by the way,


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    Er, Hello. Im new here also from Derby? Just round the corner from Mackworth, Rowditch area near city hospital.

    I have built a couple of machines and will have to post pics, Usually on CNCzone but nice to find somewhere so many people are local!

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    Well if any one is interested I build Gantry routers and mini laser etchers for my self and run a small lathe, I work for Esprit Automation in Nottingham for a living. I am an electrician and wire up CNC plasma cutters.

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    Sorry Kip forgot to ask where abouts are you based?

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    No :nope: he's not, he lives in "Gods Own County", it tells us in his site profile :dance:

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    I joined up to this forum 3 days ago and guess where I am from.........


    Definately something in the water round here.......

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