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    Hi all
    I'm after a laser cutter.
    I was looking at this ...
    Updated 50W CO2 Laser Engraving Engraver Cutting Carving Machine USB Port 220V | eBay

    but after contacting them, and not being able to get a UK address from them, I said forget it !
    Then they gave me this address ..

    which pretty much counts them out for me.

    Can anyone recomend a decent supplier for something aroung this size/poer for 1500 ish ?

    Else, any suppliers for the parts I need to build one myself ?

    I've built my own CNC , so reading around, a laser seems quite easy . Just I'm stretched for time at the mo. I bought a WC spindle in Nov last year, and haven't had time to power it up yet !

    thanks for any suggestions :)
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    Unless you want to pay a price premium, then one from the chinese dealers is the best option.

    I've looked at them for a while now, but I keep ending up spending money on other things!
    The advice I received from somebody in the know, was get an A3 size blue and white one of ebay, from whatever seller is having them shipped out a portsmouth warehouse (means you don't have to worry about customs fees).
    The A4 ones although cheaper, are nowhere near as good, due to a fixed table height and coming with Moshidraw which at the time was pretty rubbish. I got that advice a bit over a year ago, so they might of improved it, but I'd doubt it.
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    this is exactly what I linked to !

    I'f I'd have just bought, and got a machine that worked, I'd probably not think any more about it.

    BUT !

    I put a best offer, which led to and 'off ebay' email ... which led to me asking questions ... !

    I eventually got the warehouse address (see link) .. which I believe to be fake (or at least not coshure)

    If I got a machine that works, all is good :) ... but if I got something broken/damaged .. then I think I'd be stuck

    Which leads me on to maybe sourcing components (With lower individual risk) and building my own mchine ??

    Would be nice to just buy one though, as I'm pretty busy at the mo !


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    I did look at the link, but just posted what I've been told previously.

    Personally, I'd just buy one through ebay, as that way you get some reasonably good protection if things do go majorly wrong. Try some best offers via a few different suppliers, and see who'll give you the best price.
    Although having just had a quick search, it looks like several of the sellers don't have stock available so have bumped their prices up to keep the listings active without selling anything, so you may need to wait a week or two until new stock arrives, before you get a few more sellers to compete with.

    I'd only go off ebay, if it was a supplier I knew was good. Avoiding ebay I'd be looking for at least a 10% discount, as that's what most sellers will be paying in ebay/paypal fees.
    Avoiding the rubbish customer service from AluminiumWarehouse since July '13.

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    You will be hard pressed to find a better machine for 1500. You will be at least 3000 for a uk based seller. I have bought stuff from chinese based ebay companies that claimed the product was being dispatched from a UK warehouse. I contacted them to make sure and I got a broken english email back, telling me not to worry and everything will be fine but they couldn't give me any answers to my questions. I was sceptical but ordered anyway and figured I would just pay the tax as I was sure it was coming from china. I felt silly when it turned up the next day delivered by the royal mail. Im not saying the laser is the same but it may be worth digging around a bit more before writing it off.

    The laser I built cost at least 1500. If I had my time again I would buy the laser in your link and then "tart it up" as time goes by.

    Lasers cutters/etchers are harder to build WELL than most people think, weight is extremly important and there is balance to achieve between speed weight and robustness. If the gantry is too heavy the belts will stretch and parts will vibrate as you move the head about cuttting at speed. You need an enclosure to take the smoke away and a moving table to focus the beam.

    I am working on a moving table design with a canatilevered x-axis right now

    If anyone in scotland is looking to build a laser maybe we could build two or three together.
    CNC routing and prototyping services


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    The address you gave the link has some interesting history ASA Adjudication on - Advertising Standards Authority also look what other products the seller is offering as buying a laser I know I would only want to buy from a seller that just sells lasers or cnc related products and not a general seller.

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    why does it have to be such hard work !!!!!! :-(

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    It's not hard work you just need to do some research and find the right product at the right price for you. Now if you really want a laser that will do what you want have a look at Epilog Laser Product Line they are not cheap but I have only heard good things about Epilog.

    It only becomes hard work when your trying to find and buy a new Rolls Royce for the price of a scrap yard banger.
    Also it comes down to what you intend cutting with the laser ?

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    ok ... for better or worse ... I've ordered one off ebay ... twice the chance to get buyer protection ... but what is twice nought ! ... lol ... fingers crossed

    I'll let you know how I get on :)

    BTW .. it would be good to have a laser section on here ! :D

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    for those that have a laser cutter ... what else will I need to cut MDF and acrylic ? will I need one of those honeycomb beds ? or can I use a spoilboard like on the CNC ?

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