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    can you move this thread over, without everyone loosing touch with it ?

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    Yea no problem, i've been working my way though what was Mills/Routers & Commercial machines moving threads into the right sections. boring...

    This one is in the laser section now :), i've also invited Rob the guy who posted the thread on the zone over, said he would be along soon enough.

    I just found this on ebay as well, small area to work with but cheap enough as a little starter for anyone wanting to see what is what with laser power: PRECISE CO2 LASER ENGRAVING CUTTING MACHINE ENGRAVER NEW USB PORT | eBay


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    I think the main problem with those cheap ones is the controller board/ Moshi draw

    Only what I've read, but they seem to limit, very badly, what the machine can do.

    I hope mine doesn't have it ! lol .. if it does, it will be the 1st upgrade :)

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    Well yea, I think once i get comfortable with/in my workshop i'll have a go at building a diy one. I havn't looked into it enough yet but i'm gussing that a Mach3/Linux controlled machine would be so much better, like i say though, i know not enough to really suggest that.

    Gav has a nice build log coming along so he prob knows allot more about it.


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    Apparently it wouldn't be a bad idea to have Mach/EMC control over accell rates, as some of the built in controlers don't seem to. This gives problems/vibrations at corners/curves etc .

    The more I read, the mor I thin EMC (which I use for my CNC) is the way to go . You just need to have a plan to turn the laser on/off ... Z axis pin outs are one solution , as long as you don't want auto bed height adjust/beam focus

    I'm intrigued at the thought I don't need a dedicated PC to run the laser though... just a mem stick with the image files on ...this could reduce the over all cost by a couple of hundred (no pc needed) and the amount of desk top space each machine needs.

    Obviously I am thinking for business use.. as for DIY/hobby it might not be an issue.

    I'm planning on getting several machines running in the 'shop

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    thinking about it more ... you would need to be able to control speed and laser power too.
    Speed is easy ... laser power ???

    Which Is why I thought I'd just buy one 1st, and figure the rest out whilst using it :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Want2build1 View Post
    Speed is easy ... laser power ???
    The laser is either on or off, to set the power you adjust the percentage of the time it is on while measuring the current going through it on a meter. The volts go through the tube then through the meter to ground, that way you have very few volts at the meter.

    Overpower it or lose the coolant flow and the mirrors at either end of the tube degrade PDQ.

    The coolant pump supplied is naff and the tube seems to have a capacity to heat Olympic size pools with ease. This persuades you towards the CW-3000 cooler on ebay for 230 from China. Then you discover the CW-5000 for 525 and the CW-5200 for just shy of 600. The CW-3000 can sink 50W which is just enough, the CW-5200 can sink 1.5kW

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    Huh ???? Robin you are teasing me !

    The only thing I know is, you can set the laser power by % or the feed by %
    These seem to set by the controller with the 256 colour output from the design package ?

    I don't know about cooling till I get one and try it !

    Do you have a laser cutter ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Want2build1 View Post
    Do you have a laser cutter ?
    I bought the cheap Chinese 50W, blew it up then replaced the tube and the PSU. It is now apart again so I can replace the Moshi board which went tits up, probably it's most useful feature, the stepper drivers and stepper PSU. Pretty much everything inside and outside the box can be improved upon.
    You can do laser cutting without understanding anything beyond the fact that the beam will blind you faster than you can blink. Extreme caution is needed especially with anything reflective.
    Removing the Moshi software is on a par with removing Norton Antivirus. It comes with dongle protection, but you have to wonder why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robin Hewitt View Post
    Removing the Moshi software is on a par with removing Norton Antivirus. It comes with dongle protection, but you have to wonder why.
    hahahaha !!! I like that ... and TOTALY understand NAV ! haha .. had to go into hex mode to remove NAV in the old dayz ! ... many boot loader command discs still on file :)
    Moshi seems to be controller based... so just upgrade(change) the moshi board to DSP(?) etc .. or cnc stepper and Mack/EMC

    I am new to this ... so just what I've read so far :)

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