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    I am after one of the following oils for my machine as they are recommended in the manual. Does anyone know where I can buy a liter or five liters of any of them? I have looked high and low and had a ring round but with no success.

    BP : CS 68 Reservoir
    Shell : Vitrea 68 capacity
    Castrol : Perfecto NN

    If anyone can point me in the right direction of one of the oils that would be real handy. I guess if not I will go an equivalent.

    Many thank


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    All those oils have been superceded/discontinued.

    Is this for your mill?
    If it is, get some 68 weight slideway oil. There's plenty choice, so just pick whatever you happen to be able to get at a quantity/price that suits you.
    Personally, I'm currently using Shell Tonna M3, as it's pretty high spec and I found it at a good price.
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    Hi m_c
    Thanks for your post the oils superceded/discontinued then thats why I could not find them!
    Yes it is fro my mill and I better gets some quick as it is nearing the low level. I will see if I can find the Shell Tonna M3 as you asy it is good spec. Failing that perhaps I may try this one on ebay or a Rock Oil one.
    Delaway Slideway Oil 68 | eBay

    Many thanks for your help it has put me in the picture and I now know what is good

    All the best


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