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    I'm looking for a supplier for laser/birch ply 1.5 and 3mm

    Any hints ?

    My local woodyard says their supplier is 4mm minimum

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    I use Hobarts and Hindleys, and Slec for thinner stuff :)

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    HPC laser do some nice quality laser ply

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    Ta :)
    Is that in trade qty ?

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    Last time I tried with HPC they wouldn't post. Hindleys has a 7 flat rate for next day delivery(if you order in the morning) and they have cheap acrylic too.

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    with medite mdf I ususally buy 40 sheets 1220x2440 every month, so these little sheets seem a bit odd !
    (so that's 320 sheets 600x600)

    I'll contact them and see what they say ..

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    Medite MDF is fine for laser work.

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    That's what I'd read.... just considering offering birch ply too, and acrylic ... and ... :)

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    Just a very quick update ...

    Something I hadn't considered ! ... dust !
    I make tons of it with the CNC router...

    Absolutely no good at all for the laser optics ! lol ... really obvious, but I overlooked it ..

    I have another dust extractor being delivered today, and will be making a lot of changes to get the workshop dust down as much as posible.

    The laser has an exhaust fan, which blows all the fumes outside... but, the air in the machine has to be replaced from somewhere ... that somewhere is the room it's in, and hence the air quality will make a difference to your machine use.

    2 problems with dust.. 1st dust on the optics will reduce the output at the cutting point.
    2nd, and most important.. the laser beam will heat any dust it sees in it's path. If it happens to be on a mirror or focus lens, then it will heat them, and potentially destroy them !

    Cleaning and aligning the optics should be a regular task anyway, but a dusty room is an non starter !

    Apart from that, I'm happy to say I've learned enough so far to put the machine to use and have started selling it's output :)

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    another small update ...
    Machine is working wel

    Issues I need to deal with ..

    Smoke !!!
    I he\t my workshop with a log burner .. and worrie about upsetting the neighbours ! I'm a fair bit away from them at the workshop, but the laser is making much more smoke than the woodburner !!! ... I didn't expect that !! ... will be figuring out how to deal with the, and let you know how I get on.

    Cooling !
    I'm using the laser a couple og=f hours a day at the mo ..water is typicaly 18deg in the morning. I can get a couple of hours cutting and it's up to 30ged ... which I don't want to go beyond. I have a cheapey thermometer with a temp probe I leave in the bucket.

    imeadiate solution .. ice packs or froxen water in bottles .. or bigger bucket.

    longer tme solutions .. second hand/freebie/recycled freezer .. modded with tubes/pipes etc.. to keep everything cool ...

    will update as and when :)

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