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    My machine has the earth linked out to a connector on the panel.
    The manual and video make a big fuss about grounding .
    Basically thay want you to make your own earth point with a metal stake into the ground and use it to ground the machine.

    1st of all, I'm asking "WHY?"

    some thoughts also... it is looped to the mains wiring earth, so the new earth point will effectively be grounding the whole workshop and house wiring !

    Could this cause any problems elsewhere on the ring supply ?

    I haven't connected mine up yet.

    For those old enough to remember .. it reminds me of going outside to pour a bucket of water on the earth stake, when the ground got dry, and the tv picture got smaller ! lol

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    Found this Laser Machine MaintenanceLaser power and the machine body must have good grounded power connection. The earth wire should be connected between the power transformer and the machine grounding connection.
    A good grounded connection is great for the following reasons:
    A good grounded connection will assure the laser power to work normally
    A good grounded connection can extend the life of laser tube
    A good grounded connection will prevent any other electrical interference which can impact the outcome.
    A good grounded connection will prevent any electrical damage to the machine.
    Please make sure to ground the machine properly!

    Also I would think that a large amount of static would build up when cutting plastics if the laser was not grounded. Watering the earth stake that's something I've never heard of, besides most household earths have been on PME for the last 30 + years.

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    The machine IS earthed at the plug socket.

    Would it be ok to earth it/the workshop locally too ?

    From my audio/on stage days, earth loops can cause lots of problems too !

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    link here => Untitled

    it seems it isn't straight forward, so I will do some more research !

    I will make an earth point at the work shop and see if there is a PD between the supplied earth, and my local earth.
    Obviously, if there is a PD, then a current will flow !

    20yrs ago, when I bought my 1st house, the bathroom, when damp, (after a shower etc.) whould have an earthing problem. if you stood at the sink, and touched the tap, you would get a tingling feeling.. I measured the tap voltage at 50v with the damp floor. I contacted the leccy board who told me earthing was the housholders responsibly ! ... so I bonded the pipes and made a ground earth and all was good :)

    My current house is 200 yrs old, and TBH I haven't considered the earthing untill now !
    It definately hasn't been re-wires for a long time.
    I'd have done it myself by now, but 'we' aren't allowed to any more :(
    (yes, I'd have read the current regs and done it properly )
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    You can do you own wiring if your considered to be competent but you cant do it for anyone else. Although the exact explanation of competent is a bit vague.
    As for your workshop wiring this can require a bit of "expert knowledge" shall we say. Is the workshop part of the house or attached to it or is it seperate from it? Do you know what type of earthing arrangement your house supply has? Most of the time the recommendation is for your workshop to have its own earth, ie make the workshop a TT type arrangement which is the earth rod in the ground.

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    At the moment I have TN-S into the house.
    Armoured cable off it's own box from the house to the workshop.
    Workshop is about 50m from the house.
    Workshop takes the Earth from the house cable. (like TN-S)

    To make the work shop TT, I would lift the incoming earth and replace with an earth rod .
    Is that what you are suggesting ?

    Still, the question is .. does the machine need it's ground connector wiring up, if it has ground/earth through the plug socket (which is linked to the ground connector on the machine panel) To me, it seems redundant ?

    I can only assume, that the Laser Machine manufacturers are covering themselves for installations that don't have an earth circuit / system, either because of country or location ?
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    Yes you can install an earth rod for your workshop distribution board. Keep your wire armour but remove its earth connection at your workshop distribution board end only. This way your workshop now has a TT instal and your cable feeding it still has earth fault protection from its supply end at the house.
    As for the ground connection for the laser then I would go by the manufacturers instructions.

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    Thanks WG

    And as this is "The Internet" so it must be true :) , can I ask your experience with electrics ?

    Always best to check !

    Ta ;)

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    Thanks WG

    And as this is "The Internet" so it must be true :) , can I ask your experience with electrics ?

    Always best to check !

    EDIT ! :> Just checked your profile :) .. as you were !

    BTW.. what style Karate do you do ? Grade ?
    I got to 1st dan Shotokan before my back/joints stopped me doing more :(

    Ta ;)

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    Always clearer with pictures :)

    the panel

    the wiring behind it

    you can see why I think it's redundant !

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