1. It's not an area I'm familiar with - I do electronics more than electrical - but I see lots of people using DIN rail and associated fittings, and that gives a very neat and professional-looking result. Having just bought my first DIN-compatible component (Pilz safety relay cheap off eBay) I'm not sure where the best place to look for all the other bits is. I guess I'm going to want a fair selection of terminal strip connectors and that kind of thing. Googling sometimes turns up too many results - does anyone have a suggested supplier for these kinds of bits?

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    RS components have lots of choice but can be a bit expensive at times. Your local electrical wholesaler should be able to supply most of the bits you need.

  3. RS and Farnell would be my first points of call but when I looked, the choice was intimidating! Specially when I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at... I shall have a plough back through build logs and see what other people have done.

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    Chalon components here. Home - Chalon Components they also sell on ebay but not sure if it works out cheaper or not. I get my switches, fuses, relays and 24V psu's here as well.

  5. Products - Electric Center They have got all you need for building control boxes. My local branch in Nottingham gives me good discounts, but then again they think I am a retired sparkie

  6. Thanks - and a branch nearby in Plymouth as well! Useful to have somewhere close when you've just run out of something.

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