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  • kMotion AGNI USB Micro-Laser Controller

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  • RuiDa Laser Cutting Engraving System

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  • AWC608C Color Display Laser Engraving

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  • Leetro MPC6535

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  • Retinaengrave usb card

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    Hi all,

    Can anyone recommend or help please? What is the best option to to fix this or upgrade my laser control card?

    150 Watt laser 2440 x 1220 mm bed.
    We currently have a MPC6515 control card
    USB Firmware:
    SN: 12430071
    On start-up the LCD screens Says...
    Windows 7 32&64bit

    My Leetro MPC6515 It doesn’t leave a gap between each part of an engraving so when you engrave there is no space vertically between objects so they come out touching together vertically stacked. And if i change scan gap i get strange engraving results.

    I'm based in the south cost of England, Bournemouth. Dose anyone know if there is someone local I can get technical assistance with upgrading chines lasers?

    Looking at these, what are people experiences with all these, is there any i have forgotten?

    LinkMotion with ‘AGNI’ USB Micro-Laser Controller for CO2 Laser Machines
    LinkMotion with ?AGNI? USB Micro-Laser Controller for CO2 Laser Machines

    RuiDa laser cutting engraving system RDC6344G ? or
    RuiDa laser engraving cutting card RDLC320-A ?

    AWC608C Color display Laser Engraving
    LaserCAD Laser Engraving&Cutting Controller
    Sinjoe Laser Color Screen Cutting and Engraving Controller AWC-608C | Shenzhen Sinjoe Laser Technology Co., Limited

    Leetro™ MPC6535/MPC65 improves major performance compared to MPC6515
    MPC6535--Leetro Automation Co.,Ltd.

    RetinaEngrave v4 USB Laser Controller
    FSL no longer supports DIY installs?
    RetinaEngrave v4 USB Laser Controller

    All the best Paul

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    I don't know how to fix your current Controller but I have built a diy laser that uses a DSP from lightobject. Com

    Changing it over is quite easy if you have some experience with cnc or electronics. If not plan for plenty of headaches and a steep learning curve.

    A new controller will cost you about £400.

    Have you been using this machine for long? Is it a new problem.?
    CNC routing and prototyping services


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    Aliexpress has the AWC608 for £200 delivered.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the comments. Think it might have always done it, normally engrave pictures but just did some bits with gapes between and it come out like this?

    Looking for a service engineer that can help near Bournemouth?

    The AWC608C and LinkMotion with ‘AGNI’ are looking like the 2 best options? Is there any advantage over controllability of PWM on a cheep laser tube with LinkMotion with ‘AGNI’?
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