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  1. Hi,

    I have for sale used Emco Unimat 3 lathe. 200GBP or 240euro shipped any where in Europe to your door by express courier/ UPS/. Localy in Spain can be picked up for 200euro.

    Its used , not in a bad shape. Needs just a litle TLC .Works smoothly , the rails and lead screws are clean and seem in great shape.

    Some paint blemishes. The only thing worth noting is that the paint on the motor is in a bad shape. Its very easy to disassemble and repaint it if perfect appearance makes you happy.

    White grayish, made in Austria, on the motor says made in Germany. has 2 motor speeds. 125-4000RPM via belt change.

    Comes with original chuck, chuck at the tailstock, some centers and some tools.

    Will post photos tomorrow. In a couple of days will be ebayed and recent auctions seem to finish at >250GBP+shipping, so...

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    Where in Spain? I'm there next week.

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  3. Sorry, sold.

    Anyway, i live in Denia. Drop me a line if you come nearby.

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