1. I have an impossibly small space in which to fit in a CNC mill/ lathe. My budget is not much bigger either. With this in mind I was thinking of a software less, Boxford duet, for a Mach3 conversion.

    A Duet will fit standing verticaly in the available space and should contain most of its mess. One can hope anyway.

    I know the MK1's composite constuction caused problems so Im looking for a later MK2 which I understand used alumium.

    The only positive is that I have lots of time, so I'm in no great rush.

    A bit more I information..

    The foot print space I have is only 22" x 21" any ideas for alternative machines welcomed.

    I need to be able to work small pieces in alumium and brass. Does anyone know if a MK1 Duet will achieve this effectively?

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