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    I recently purchased 4 of these with the break out board to power some Nema 34
    (Nema 34 stepper motor 1232 bipolar. part no 34HS1456 )
    steppers all was going well, I started with 12 volts and a low amp setting, and then went to 24 volts at low amps, I upped the speed of the stepper and then the board burnt out badly,..
    The supplier said he will replace it, so that was good, however
    I can only think that the more pulse ( steps ) a motor gets the more power is being taken
    so the hotter things get
    my concern is will it be Ok to run my Nema 34 on 12 volts???
    as this was in the e-mail that he replied with

    Nema 23/24 stepper motors, we would suggest you to use 24~36V DC power supply. Because if the voltage is too low, it may burn the driver.,,,<<< is this true???

    the driver is rated as follows

    • 12~24V DC power supply for Nema 17 stepper motors.
    • 24~36V DC power supply for Nema 23/24 stepper motors.
    • 36~45V DC power supply for small-sized Nema 34 stepper motors.

    thanks for any help

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    This might be of interest in answering your question Planet CNC • View topic - Design fault HY-DIV268N (TB6600) good to know the seller will replace the faulty goods.

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    Thanks for that longy...but do you think using 12 volts with a Nema 34 would burn the stepper driver??...there is plenty of power at the stepper motor, also received the replacement driver today.....a very good service

  4. Ignore the voltage rating for different motor frames, it's a complete red herring. The issue is how much current you can drive through the motor and bigger motors tend to have high inductance and therefore need higher voltages to get speed out of them. Those drivers are limited to 3.5A by the chip but don't really have enough heatsink to handle that current which is why they fry.

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    What you trying to do with these drives motors.? . . . . Because if it's for a CNC machine then your wasting your time with these drives trying to run those motors and you'll be frying a few more before your done.!

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    Thanks for your info guys....I have since cut a hole through the plastic cover and fitted a 12 volt fan...but I still need to know if the statement...

    Nema 23/24 stepper motors, we would suggest you to use 24~36V DC power supply. Because if the voltage is too low, it may burn the driver.,,,<<< is this true???

    Thanks ,,,stevep

  7. No, it's hogwash. As I said before stepper motors are current driven, you always need the highest volts you can get away with to get any torque at speed to avoid losing steps.

    Which board/module did you buy and what settings did you put on the switches?

    What power supply are you using?
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    Hi Irving, I am using TB6600HG Stepper Motor Drivers at 12 volts supplied by a simple rectifier and 2 10,000uf capacitors the current is set at 1.2 amps,( single step ) there is ample power at the stepper motor (Nema 34 stepper motor 1232 bipolar. part no 34HS1456 ) as it is almost impossible to stop by hand , as for the speed I think that is also adequate for its intended use,
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  9. If you managed to blow up a driver at 12v and 1.2A then it just shows how poorly made they are... probably no thermal paste between chip and heatsink.... is this the one? CNC Kit 4 Axis For Nema17 Nema23 Nema34 Motor 5 Axis Breakout Board TB6600HG 5A | eBay

    Running those 8Nm/5.6A motors (which ideally would like 70v drives) at 1.2A & 12v means you're getting 1.8Nm stall torque and very little torque above about 10rpm so beats me why you bought such huge & expensive motors, a cheap Nema23 would have done the job.

    What is the intended use?

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    Note how many results you get for searching 'TB6560 problems' here - although yours is a different IC, your situation is similar enough for the issues to apply to both, so reading those threads may be helpful. However, Irving's posted what you need to know, so up to you...

    Quote Originally Posted by irving2008 View Post
    What is the intended use?
    Hopefully stirring rice pudding.
    Old router build log here. New router build log here. Lathe build log here.
    Electric motorbike project here.

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