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  1. I'm ok with new colours, and the layout but a lot of stuff is broken still.

    Not wanting to be overly critical, Gary, as a website revamp is a big task, but if this is database driven it doesn't feel like the data is being used effectively or the underlying data model is right; just looking at the stepper motors pages there's a lot of textual description where some efficient use of data would have imparted the same info more consistently. Personally I'd want to see inductance as a key piece of top level info.

    Some other things I noted:

    Go to Nema23 steppers page and select compare on 2 items... Then what? No obvious next step.

    Also on many of the motors there is no detailed specification, or you have to scroll down a long way, or you get some random broken html.

    And a NEMA24 motor hidden in the 23s? Needs a warning note at least.

  2. With any new design there will be people who like it and some that dont, i agree the green is not ideal, i have experimented with other colors and the best so far is grey so will most likely change to that?
    As for the stepper motor page, this is something i know about and its on the list of things to do.
    The main reason for the change is the old site got very cluttered and there were problems with the existing navigation menu that sometimes did not work, also there was no connection to our backend stock control so unless we had someone manually updating the stock, then there were always going to be problems.

    Quote Originally Posted by longy View Post
    Gary, check this page categories to left are ok but you've got something missing Stepper Motors - Electrical Products

    Personally I don't like the sickly limey green and as your logo is blue, blue would be a far better colour. Blue and Red are colours of a professional business, unless your a recycling business stick red or blue. Lime colours are a no no.
    Website Colors

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    Hi Gary, there are still issues with the main nav and on a few other spots, mobile is a "no go" for the nav - so critical. If there is a mobile version of this prestashop theme/template then I guess it wont matter as you'll be setting that up next.

    When your ready for feedback let me know, the Axminster Tools website is a good one, though generally Red is a stop/danger color, done right it can work ;-).

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  4. Most of the products are taken from the old site, but the new site tried to strip the HTML, so a lot of the formatting is removed, so i need to go through the products and just tidy things up a bit.
    I have already starting this, so should not take too long.
    As for the mobile side, this is also something i will be doing soon, and there are things already in the template for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAZZCNC View Post
    Nah sorry don't agree I think it looks great and the contrast is spot on much better and easier layout to find things than before. I hated previous layout.!

    I will have to disagree with you on the colours Dean, as the limey green contrast is not good at all. Anyone suffering from colour blindness and the visually impaired users would find it difficult.

    Colours are always a problem with website designers and I know you can't please everyone, but it's something that has to taken into consideration when designing the navigation and the contrasting colours. How do you know that people with disability will be able to use the site with ease. Most disabled people know how to switch of the styles in their browsers to make navigation easier but there are still a lot that don't. The colours don't change the way navigation works or how the page loads the server side data.

    For anyone that want to see the page without "styles" in IE go to " View "n the top menu "Click" and hover over Style and select No Style, to reverse just click Default style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary View Post
    As for the mobile side, this is also something i will be doing soon, and there are things already in the template for this.
    I've had a quick look, sorry i thought you was still on prestashop.

    I couldnt see anything on the hightech-magento-template page so i had a look at the source, the menu looks to be Javascript driven, it dose have some /* Mobile */ code at the bottom of the custommenu.js file but looking at it, it mostly removes and hides some stuff, suggesting it's probably supposed to revert back to a simple CSS based menu for mobile devices.

    Without digging into it more I dont really know, I think it maybe CSS related then, so just needs customizing in the Admin CP or the CSS files checking.

    Zooming in the menu is there and dose function but is missing the correct styling to match the rest of the page.


    Quote Originally Posted by longy View Post
    but it's something that has to taken into consideration when designing the navigation and the contrasting colours.
    Mike is right!

    EDIT 2:
    If you do find yourself designing with colour-blind people in mind, here are a couple of tools to simulate colours. The first is the Colour Laboratory this will show you colours in conjunction with each other and the second is a nice form for pasting html and then changing hexadecimal values with the equivalents for colour-blindness.

    There are a number of accessibility simulators on the web to check readability or aesthetics, Vischeck is ok for previewing what a colour-blind person may see. You can use it to look at live webpages too!

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  7. Any commercial website that's not DDA/RNIB compliant shouldn't, IMHO, be allowed.

  8. I have changed the colour to a combination of grey, white and blue. (CSS took a while to get my head around)
    There are still a few instances of green test on the site, so i am currently searching though the various CSS files to change them.
    Any comments are welcome.

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