Hello Gav,
space is not really a problem, I have a fairly large workshop. I am looking to produce a range of plaques of standard sizes, but with individualised messages vcarved into them. Hard and softwood, and maybe some mdf also. Thicknesses from 9mm mdf upwards to 25 mm oak. I would also like to offer some 3d decorative motifs, which could be cut separately and maybe glued or pinned to the plaque - leaves, flowers, acorns - that sort of thing.
I have avoided the Chinese machines so far because they get slagged by almost everyone - I am talking about the 500 jobbies - you get what you pay for after all - don't you ? And most of the negative press is about the software, and the almost impossible to understand translations into English. If this isn't the case, then maybe I need to reconsider.
Thanks for your help.