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    Does anyone know where to get some traffolyte or equivilent from?
    online if possible or close to sheffield yorkshire
    I'm only after small quantities in 1.5 and 3mm thicknesses perhaps a4 or a3 size
    in a variety of colours
    I'm happy to spend 50 ish for an amount

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    Thanks for that longy I had seen him and have ordered some but those are all he has available

    I dont mind buying full sheets but I dont seem to be able to find a supplier who may have smaller sheets in a variety of colours


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    Your welcome, try these sheets up to 24 x 48 (600x1200) Cheapest Traffolyte Material | UK Engraving Services

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    They never answer the phone ....

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    I bought some from Germany, cheap enough, but the shipping is silly for small amounts.

    Sorotec - Graviermaterial

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    Well I bought some from the ebay supplier
    I've never seen traffolyte in the flesh so to speak before
    the smaller bits he does in 3mm are what I imagined ( material that the large hotel key fobs are made of) hard and rigid
    the larger bits are 1.5 mm thick and floppy
    if i scratch the 3mm thickness with a stanley at 90 degrees the blade scratches... on the 1.5mm it glides..material is soft and plasticky

    The seller says they both traffolite but the thinner is easier to bend

    any ideas?

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    If you PM me your details I will post a 100 x 100 piece of the 1.4mm (Silver on Black) I have left over. You can then see if this is what you need.


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    Many thanks Rob

    I think I know what I want

    its just where to get it from
    wonder if theres an oppertunity to sell on ebay if i buy much more than i need

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