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    Hi Ian,

    Are you still looking for a supplier of Traffolyte?
    I currently use 3mm Traffolyte for the signage my company produces, but could also get hold of 1.5mm.
    We order our material in in large sheets but do have the capability to cut these down to the A4 - A3 sizes that you have mentioned. We also stock various colours.

    If this could be of any interest to you drop me a PM back or call me on my works number 0121 558 4411 and can discuss a little more in detail what you require.

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    hi All
    I have the following stock of Traffolyte that i am looking to sell60119 Traffolyte.pdf

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    The following Traffolyte sheets available ...need to store room

    UNIT QTY Item Wt.

    3 Colour Traffolyte Flexible Laminate Sheeting
    Suitable for Environment Temp of -50deg C to +82deg C

    We also have the following colours and sizes available

    156 BLACK/WHITE/BLACK 3mm thick 600 X 1200 MM Sheets 90 224.14 Suregrave
    157 BLUE/WHITE/BLUE 3mm thick 600 X 1200 MM Sheets FEW 224.14 Suregrave
    158a RED/WHITE/RED 1.5mm thick 600 X 1200 MM Sheets 141 251.72 Suregrave
    161 RED/BLACK 3mm thick 600 X 1200 MM Sheets 141 224.14 Rowmark

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    You do realise that this thread is 6 years old?

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    Thanks Chad,

    Only realized that after posting

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    Are you perhaps looking for any Traffolyte, or do you know of anyone looking for same?

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