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    Ray the enable pins on the drive do exactly that they Enable or Disable the drive output signals. It's common for these pins to be left unconnected but if you do want to use them then you must set the correct pin in Mach3 outputs and set the correct Active state so it activates the Enable on the drive.

    To test this then just disconnect the Enable pin at the drive. If the motor output pins are set correct then the motors will move. The motors won't move unless you have set the correct pins in Motor outputs that correspond with those on your breakout board. We can't tell you which pins to use without knowing the breakout board make and model.

    My Bob is a ZP5A - INT from ZAPP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manofgresley View Post

    My Bob is a ZP5A - INT from ZAPP.
    Ray do you have wires going to the Ena + Ena- on the drives.? First port of call is removing these to see if motors work. Removing won't damage anything so don't worry about that it's just an easy way to check.

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    Hi Jazz

    I had i minor wiring fault, i had not stripped the insulation back far enough on one cable therefore there was no contact. Since i corrected this, all 3 of my motors now move, my Z & X axis are ok the drive that did not work yesterday now chatters when i select it on the toggle, i have checked the dip switches, they are set to 4.2 amp, any more ideas?

    My Ena + & Ena - were connected, i have disconnected them.
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    Hi all.

    Many thanks to all you people who have given me advice, my CNC MILL is now "HOMING"


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