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    Hi and as you can see Iam not from GB.
    Swedish sculptor with digital workshop intrest.
    But Iam trying to gather stuff to build my own 4axis router with the size of x1600 y1200 z300 mm and a-axis i the middle of the table when the table top is removed.
    But just starting out and and have bought Bosch Rexroth linear bearings not the rails yet and swedish boards for the steppers
    Yeah thats it for introducing myself
    best regards

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    Hi Kip and thanks
    I hope they pass an experienced eye ;)

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    Hi Kip
    And I bought the steppers boards, not enough money for servos yet.
    And I gather I will go for the nema 34 steppers.
    One thing I dont know is, if I will use 2 steppers for the x axis (one on each side), since I dont wont a middle mounted ballscrew (thats where my a-axis will be) or if I would be making some other solution, like a belt on one stepper or????
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Best regards

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    I think a belt system would be nice to see, works very well.

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    Ok thanks guys, I think i dive into a solution with belt.
    But have to check with my friend (great with numbers) if I will lose a lot of power with it.
    I will come back with reports
    But now its passed my bedtime see you in the morning
    And Kip I will be following your steps next week
    Dont stay up to late

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    Hi Per,

    I just checked out your website... I like your sculpture - my favourites are "The Light" and "Lightcube".

    I hope your router plans are coming along OK.

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    Hi Tom
    And thanks, yes working with light is amazing.
    In the beginning it took me a while to realize one fundamental about light, it has to bounce of something to be visual, so easy and so hard to understand.
    The router is in planning but with the speed of a snail, you got to have money also....
    Since last I bought 8 rexroth linear bearings, the carriage anyhow, on swedish ebay.

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    Hi Kip
    Great that I finally have an audience ;-). Yeah the plaster thing has been in my dreams to and I still haven't figured out how to proceed with it.
    Bryce it aint no more what its used to be.
    Its some time since I worked with bronze now but when the proper time comes we have a great collective workshop for artist here in Göteborg, with a foundry for bronze, so its quite easy to do it.
    I have tried to convince them to buy a 6 or 7-axis industrial-robot for milling work but no luck yet :D
    Regards to ye all

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