Hi all,
I decided to buy an inverter with a Safe Torque Off (ABB 355)so that the VFD isn't going to short and start up the spindle when I am in the middle of changing a 16mm endmill.
I need to wire it into the Bridgeport with the forward and reverse so I have the option of the back gear. Thing is when I send the signal to the inverter to close the STO and also the forward or reverse signal they both are present at the same time and so the inverter reads it as a fault.
What I really need is to slow down the forward / reverse signal so that it arrives, say 0.2s after the STO checks to see if there is an input.
Not sure if I'm explaining this right but can anyone suggest a way to slow down a signal. I tried putting it through a relay which didn't work although apparently there are delay relays out there. I was thinking about an RC in series with the signal to the motor but I'm not sure if this will lead to other problems.
Has anyone come across this problem before and come up with an easy solution.