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    I see loads of members registered on the site, usually quite a few browsing or logged in but not much posting.

    If you joined ages ago and have never posted, why not tell us what you are up to CNC wise, even if it is just researching.

    I bet loads of you have since built machines and we need to see them and share you experiences so get those build logs going

    Come on guy's we'll never be as big as CNCZONE but this is a much less daunting place to post, there are very few experts here so you don't need to feel embarrassed asking questions and the ones that are here are extremely helpful. So ask those dumb questions and get those builds going!

    Regards to all, Jeff.
    Nothing is foolproof......to a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    Yup no lectures about wearing gloves or long scarves while doing lathework here :D

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    I'v done some work behind closed doors Jeff to get the mebers going ill be posting about it all soon. Thanks for doing what you can, also if you use any other forums feel free to link people over and so on :).


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