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    This will 99.9% be because you have the wrong Input number in Mach3. You can't trust Mach3 auto detect.

    Try changing the Probe input to any of these. 10, 11, 12, 13 or 15. Getting it wrong shouldn't hurt anything, if the input is shared by another switch ie: limit or E-stop all that will happen is when you short the probe the limit will trip.
    If you go to Diagnostics tab in mach3 on the right you'll see a bank of Led lights. When you touch the probe the Digitize Led should light up. If it's on already without touching then go back into inputs and change the active Low state.

    If any of these input numbers don't work then you either have some wiring issue or the board input is not working. If you have limit switches then you could swap the probe with this input to check your wiring, you'll need to set the probe input to same input number as limit.

    Do you have a manual or give more info about the model of machine.

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    Hi JAZZ, I set the probe to the z home/limit switch pin and sure enough when hitting the limit the digitize led changes, however when pressing the probe plate it does nothing.

    The probe plugs into this machine via what looks like 2 core speaker cable and it plugs into a small contol box mounted on the side of the gantry.

    I traced this back into the control box via a cable labeled as ST

    I just did a continuity test to make sure both sides of the wire were making it through the control box and to the computer, this is about as far as my electrical skill goes lol.

    Just so you know i was only using the auto detect in mach 3 as a means of testing, the digitize is setup on pin 15 and was when i bought the machine, the auto height worked when it was demonstrated to me and it has worked intermittently since and recently nothing.

    Unless i have changed some other setting which could affect it.

    I tried changing to low active on the pi as well, this makes the digitize come on when the probe is plugged in, so i assume it would make it go off if the probe was touched, but as usual there was nothing at all.

    PS. also with low active set the auto tool height acted very strangely by seeming to come down one step at a time.
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    I forgot to say i also tested an edge finding probe that plugs in the same wayand the result was the same, no reaction to the touch off

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	stepcontrolhy_eng.pdf 
Views:	90 
Size:	247.3 KB 
ID:	12555Click image for larger version. 

Name:	engl.BetrAnl_HIGH_Z_S400_S720_S1000_HerstErkl..pdf 
Views:	140 
Size:	2.16 MB 
ID:	12556

    This is what i have re manuals and wiring, they are for a different model but listing but basically the same

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	zero3.pdf 
Views:	176 
Size:	1.11 MB 
ID:	12557

    Just found this also

    thanks for any help

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    If both devices plug into the same place and neither works, then you have a wiring problem between the plug and the PC. If it was intermittent and kept getting worse, it may be a broken wire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by howser37 View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	zero3.pdf 
Views:	176 
Size:	1.11 MB 
ID:	12557

    Just found this also

    thanks for any help
    Ok well this shows it's using Limit C for both probe and limit which is pin13. But like Gerry says because you tried it on another input that works then you have wiring fault. (provided you changed the Probe to same number as limit you tried)

    To be honest I'm not 100% sure that link is the same controller you have because it says uses a second breakout board and i don't see one in your box unless it's hidden.? I see a ribbon cable disappearing away underneath the base plate where's that going.?
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    Thanks JAZZ and Ger21, no they arent exactly the same, but its as close as i can find. Heiz dont seem much use when it comes to manuals to be honest. and i cant find one online for my exact setup.

    Mine is the S1400 model, its almost same as the smaller models but with the addition of hiwin linear rails

    Mine has no second breakout board, just the one control box.

    I dont know much about wiring or what happens in the control box, but is it still possible to have a wire problem when continuity tests out ok?

    I assumed as long as the signal from both puck wires is making it to the PC then it was ok, but sure im probably wrong as i dont really understand the technicalities

    PS, my control box looks more like the one in the first manual i posted up. Basically the photograph i posted first shows everything in the box
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    Bed time now but this is a very simple concept. When you touch the probe it just completes the circuit from Gnd to Input +

    This is why if your input is working and setup correctly in Mach3 then it must be a wiring or probe problem. To test this and bypass the wire/probe then just put a short wire across the pins going to the probe wires.

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    Ok thanks JAZZ, i will try that

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