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    It is the wrong manual but the way I am reading it is. The probe is connected to pin 1 on the 9 pin control plug which goes to pin 15 on the D25 plug to the PP. Have you checked the continuity on the cable pin 15 to pin 15 each end of the cable going from the machine control box to the PP on the computer. Or from pin 1 on the control plug through to pin 15 at the pc end of the cable PP. Some more pictures might help. ..Clive

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    Thanks Clive, yeah that's how i read it as well. I have done some more testing just now by jumping the probe pin and the ground pin, first checked just pc parallel port with mach 3 on diagnostic screen (digitize goes out), then end of parallel cable that plugs into output of contol box (digitise goes out), then to 9 pin input of control box ( digitise goes out) all good so far. then traced the st cable back to the what looks similar to an audio jack on the side of the gantry where the probe plugs in, i plugged in probe to the port digitise led goes out(which i assume is correct as it is now making a circuit waiting for the circuit to be broken by the touch off. however pressing probe does nothing as usual, then tried completely different edge finding probe and again this does nothing, (digitise doesn't change on diagnostic screen.

    I then gained access to the box containing the port that the probes plug into and jumped both pins with the wire attached to the top of this port (digitise changes as it should) so my thinking is now that there is something wrong with this jack internally?

    Here is a picture

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like a nice rats nest you have there.!! . . . . But you have found the problem so that is good. Personally I wouldn't use any Jackplug has they are too unreliable and you need instant contact with touch probe with no delay thru dodgy contacts. Can't you wire permanently with a coil wire and leave attached to machine.?
    what do the probes look like.?

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    lol JAZZ, it wasnt a rats nest until i yanked it all out to get to the jack, what i don't understand is if it was a problem with the internals of the jack why would plugging in the probe trip the digitize light every time reliably?

    will post some probe pictures later


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    Ok just did a test with an old set of in ear earphones, i plugged them into the jack, and the digitise light went off, in my mind this should not happen as the circuit is not complete, so i am assuming that the circuit is being completed inside the jack and therefore a probe touch cannot break this circuit as it is not just being completed in the probe but in the jack as well
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    thanks guys, got it fixed now, it was a loose terminal on the jack

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    Quote Originally Posted by howser37 View Post
    thanks guys, got it fixed now, it was a loose terminal on the jack
    Very pleased you got it sorted. Happy milling. ..Clive

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