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    Hi Forum Members,

    I am new to this forum and cnc world.

    I have bought 3040Z CNC frame from china.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I would like to install my own stepper motors, Spindle and controller.
    Objective of machine will be to mill some soft alloys and wood acrylic etc. Priority will be aluminum copper etc.
    Please suggest the right motors and spindle.


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    Motors: Nema23 3Nm
    Spindle: 2.2Kw Water Cooled

    Happy Shopping :).

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    Lee Roberts

    The Stepper motors are 1.5 kg each and the spindle is 5.5kg.
    Will the machine be rigid enough for these. And for the spindle which vfd will be good. Someone has suggested me sinamics V20 inverter.

    The parts I would like to purchase locally.

    Stepper Motor
    Stepper Driver
    Breakout Board

    Are the above items ok for this machine.


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    Hi Lee,
    What should be the rating for power supply for stepper motors.

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    Wouldn't fit 2.2Kw to this machine has the Z axis is too weak to handle the weight and the machine can't handle the extra capacity the spindle allows Ie 12mm cutters. 1.5Kw spindle are better matched.

    For the motor/drives and PSU then you can use 2Nm motors and 50V drives running motors around 44Vdc. BUT if you want spare capacity for future upgrades etc then use 3Nm motors on 70-80~Vdc drives running at 65Vdc. Slightly over the top for these machines but better being over spec'd than under.

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    Hi Jazz,
    I am newbie to cnc and stepper world. I have gone through various forums for power supply rating for stepper motors, but could not understand.
    I am using a 18V-80V and 1.2A-7.0A rated stepper driver. and the
    Stepper specs are
    Ph. Current : 4.0 A
    Ph. Res. (Ohm) : 0.85
    Ph. Inductance : 3.8 mH
    Holding Torque : 32 Kg-cm
    Detent Torque : 1 kg-cm
    Rotor Inertia : 680 g-cm2
    Lead Wires : 4

    rated voltage is 3.4V

    I need 3Nos of stepper motor for my cnc. Now my question is what should be the rating of power supply if I am using single power power supply for all the three motors.
    Can this power supply be used for the stepper drivers


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    It is generally accepted that linear p/s are better ie I take it you already have the drivers. ..Clive

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    Like Clive says Unregulated linear supplies are considered best for CNC use but that power supply would work thou you would have to run it 70V or the lowest it can be adjusted to.

    Rule of thumb for working out voltage is 20 x rated motor voltage. So 3.4 x 20 = 68Vdc. This is just general guide and in practice you can go higher depending on the motors/drives etc. Any where between 65-70vdc is about right for those motors.

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    the other p[ower supply that i can get locally is 59V 12A. is it ok for all the 3 motors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vksingh View Post
    the other p[ower supply that i can get locally is 59V 12A. is it ok for all the 3 motors.
    Yes it would work ok. You'll get slightly lower performance but still will be very good compared to if run at say 36V which is often done.!

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