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    my name is Ian, just starting down the road of cnc, would like to learn as much as I can, from what I've seen there's plenty to pick up.

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    O'La :dance: !

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    Hi Ian,

    Welcome to the forum. Are you thinking of building a machine from scratch or modding an existing mill or lathe?

    Regards, Jeff.
    Nothing is a sufficiently talented fool!

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    Hello jeff,
    Thanks for the welcome, I purchased a small router from a company called marchant dice, fitted it with 3 nema 23 stepper motors, contolled by mach 3. I am able to cut straight lines, but by studying this forum, which is populated by so many skilled users of cnc, I hope to become more adept at 3d.

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    hi, kip
    the model is mdl-2, it's very robust , thanks for the offer of some code , I would like to take the offer up once I get it up and running.

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    Ayup hitmythumb,

    I buy a few bits of Marchant Dice for a small engraver/router I sell, Kevin Marchant is a decent bloke and builds good machines, Its mainly comprised of Aluminium structural extrusions (wonder if any of thats spelt propper?). I also use these as they make a damn sturdy machine.

    Did you go ballscrew or trapezoidal?

    If you have the thing moving you should be doing more than straight lines by now!! Are you using Mach to control it?

    I have only been on mycncuk a few days (ex cnczone) but have found a great bunch of people, Ask for any advice or help and you'll find it here!


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    Hi hitmythumb,
    I just joined too and its a great place.
    Those Marchant Dice machines do look good, Im going to use as much of that 8020 profile as I can afford, its just like Meccano.
    And if you buy it precut its dead accurate Im told.
    Look forward to seeing what you can make it do. What tool are you running on it as a spindle?

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    Hey pest, check out KJN they are well priced and if you give them a call they support you really well to. Site Link:

    They said they work to a tolarance of 1-2mm so you may need to look into that if you cant cut it yourself.

    RS also do this kind of profile as well. Site Link:

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    Thanks for the link Lee, they look competitive with M-D for price although M-D sell by the 100mm so I was thinking of ordering lots of smallish bits and getting them with nice accurate 90 degree angles cut.
    Mind you I just sourced a nice mains motor with a geared down output so I might (try and) make a Dexion framed automatic hacksaw, if my frame is straight and the skate bearing based blade guide works I should have a chance.
    Reckon I'll need those wide or is it high blades. These ones anyway, normal big hacksaw blades are too twisty.

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    Not this ^


    PS for some reason forums dont like ASCII art; there should be spaces in the middles but although they were there when writing they've gone when I post.
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    That alloy extrusion cuts nice with a cheap radial arm saw, just use goggles as the chips fly everywhere and clamp the part.

    John s.

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