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    my psu breaker keeps tripping when i power up . it's a 6 amp, C rated. i think it's either the relay or the push switch i'm using .when i bypass both of them and use the switch on the door to power up everything's fine . i'll have another go at it tomorrow. perhaps a safety relay might be getting a call from the bench sooner than planned. on reflection after some reading i'm sure i will be using an input on my BOB for an E/stop. Mach 3 tutorials reveal alot!!!!

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    Depending how big your transformer is you might have to rate the mcb a little higher see this: ..Clive
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    I need a re-cap on what your using for the main PSU.! . . . Safety relay won't do anything for inrush current if your using toroidal PSU.
    If PSU is toroidal then try a D rated MCB.!! . . . . But first you need check everything else is wired correct because the relay and switch shouldn't make any difference so if removing made a difference then suggests you got something wrong.?

    Also Not sure what your meaning by using an Input for E-stop.?. . . If your meaning to ONLY use an input for the e-stop then it's a Bad idea.!! All you will be doing is relying on the Software to stop the machine which isn't safe at all.
    The correct way is to remove power using relays and then inform Control software the E-stop as happened via an input. Only thing the Input is used for is telling software to stop the G-code and don't allow Control to reset until input state changes.

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    I checked the wiring and it's all fine, once i power up it trips. if i reset it and and power up again but this time restricting the MCB ( momentarily) from tripping then it works. so i thought i would rewire it temporarily and take the relay out of the PSU circuit and just go from main switch to MCB to primary coil of PSU and that too works a treat( MCB not tripping ).
    ya, i will leave the e/stop hardwired to dropout the PSU but inform MACH3 through the BOB that an e/stop has occurred so it can do its duty.
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    If you have one just for testing sake then try a 10amp Mcb it may work for you to get going and check all the sytem correctly.
    Don't cut corners with the electrical safety or hot wiring system just to get going as it will bite you if not careful either by frying components or not stopping as expected etc.!! . . . . I'm very confident with wiring these machines and still I get caught out when hot wiring to get some thing going so be warned.!!!

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    i changed out the relay and it didn't trip ! this is something that i don't uderstand , i have a bank of 8 second hand relays from a m/c that was decommissioned about 6-7 years ago so maybe it's because the one i used had some mileage up on it, i don't know. but anyway it great to resolve that issue. i had ordered a D rated MCB before i got around to changing it out so at least i will have that as a backup.
    on reflection i dont think my latest dwg of the alarm circuit will cut the mustard. my understanding of open collector terminals was not correct, i'm thinking. i have my alarms in the circuit and expected them to work as normally closed contacts, so i will go with the 2nd relay as suggested by your good self Jazz .

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    My broadband went down early in the week so i decided to get the cable runs organised. i also fitted the home/ limit switches. i had gathered switches down the years so i decided to use them istead of sensors . Clive posted a link some posts back to some sensors that i will use if these don't work out. i also cut an opening in the door for a small window on hinges so i can see the VFD and adjust accordingly. i'm still a bit unsure about the inputs to the BOB ( which i plan to tackle next) i have a dwg. organised relating to the E/ STOP input to the BOB which i hope some will have alook at and give me the thumbs up or down.
    my query related to if i have the e/stop connected to the BOB correctly . is it o.k to take a tap after the e/stop as per dwg and use this as an input? this terminal disables the enable to the drives . i'm still trying to get my head around the fact that i can hook a supply and a ground to the terminals provided without having a dead short and blowing the BOB .
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    Are you controlling the vfd via mach3 or are you changing the speed by the panel on the vfd if so I did a post here post 1 its a very simple mod only taking a few minutes. The front panel just clips out ..Clive

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    i have a breakout board that has PWM capability , from what i can gather. i haven't got around to the spindle side of the build yet! i'm trying to get my head around getting these motors to turn and getting the inputs to signal. i was hoping to get the M/C up and running with the basic controls and safety functioning and when i become comfortable with the operation going back at the spindle control. for the time being i would use the VFD . if the PWM doesn't work out , then i would definitely go the route of the link you posted, in fact it would be quicker to adjust a pot and have an instant response i would think, especially if the pot was mounted in a home made pendant that could be brought to the front of the M/C? i have my machine e/stop on a lead that i can mount either side of the machine on a hanging bracket and i could incorporate the pot and some other controls as i become more familiar with the process. by the way , is my understanding of how i should incorporate the e / stop to the BOB correct? i'm reallly not too sure if i'm right.

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    The way I read the manual the inputs will take up to 30V there is a 1k Resistor in circuit that will limit the current at 24V to 24mA so not a dead short. Dean will no doubt pop along and give you the advise re the Estop and that bob. ..Clive

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