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    what do you mean by auto configured.? Do you mean using the auto tune on the drives.? If so this won't stop them turning, If wrong or didn't work then all it would do is make motors run rough or stall.

    What do you mean by Hook the signals in out.? . . . Need you to be more detailed on what your doing.

    Have you wired the Drive enables into your e-stop system or in anyway at all.? . . If so then remove wires for elimination purposes.

    It could be the Charge pump output if BOB as Charge pump feature.? You'll find it in OUTPUTS.
    Also make sure you have Enabled the Motor output.

    Take some screen shots of motor outputs, inputs and output screens so can see how your set.

    Better still post up the Mach Xml file of your setup and I'll have a look. you'll find it in mach3 folder using the same name as the profile your using and ending with xml. (Zip it up)
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    the manual for the drives allows me to auto configure the motors by switching SW4 twice in 1 second but i can only do this if i have the signals for the drives unpluged. when they are unpluged the motors go into a holding state i.e. they are powered.i have the drive enables wired directly to the bob enable inputs, when i disconnect them i can hear the motors humming and they are locked/held. sorry for the delay , i'm using a p.c. with no internet, paint , office , . i have it dedicated for MACH3 so i had to transfer files to my laptop.
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    also, my reset will only come out of'' external e/stop triggered''
    if i have it set to pin 12, 13 or 15. if i set it to pin 10 or 11 it won't reset.

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    Bit busy at minute but will look properly but will look for you later.
    I'm 99% the enable logic state in the drive is different to what the BOB is using. If you can find the enable pins that the BOB is using for enables then change the active state and it should work. Other than that you'll need to do it in the software on the drive. OR just leave them off.!

    I'll need to know what pins on the BOB you are using control what on the machine. Ie Relays and there contact state ie NC or NO.

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    Need to know the Dip switch positions on the BOB please.

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    i left the dip switch positions off on the BOB. to be honest i thought that i would get the basics hooked in .i have an e/stop , a home /limt and xyz home/limit hoooek up normally closed . i thought that these would get me up and running.
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    i haven't the overide wired up yet , i didn't think that would matter with regards to getting the motors to turn .
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    Looks like you hadn't set enable output. (enable1) Thats why the motors won't turn because the drive enable is being turned off.

    Try this xml.
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    sorry Jazz , do i just unzip this and put it back into mach 3?

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