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    As a matter of interest what do you get with S6000 Volts

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    M3 S 6000 gives a reading of 4.1V @ '' MAX PULLEY '' 60000.

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    Ok and what is s3000 keep the pulley at 24000
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    3.8 V @ S3000 . is there another variable i can change? what about the ''RATIO '' on the spindle pulley menu?

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    Tried the ratio variable and it made no difference.

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    Hi sorry I'm a little snowed under with work so been doing some late nights and I'm knackerd when come out of workshop late.

    Ok I wasn't sure if the Steps per setting would have any affect but wanted you to check. Obviously it doesn't so forget this now.
    Well look at the PWMBase Freq & MinPWM now and see how this affects things. I've still not had time to check this out further but I'll suggest some more things to try.
    Only Try one at a time and reset back if it doesn't work before trying next.

    First set Pulley back to 0 and 24000. Try using pulley #4 and see what affect this as.?

    Next lets try to get 0V @ M5 so set Min base Freq to Zero and check with meter. If it has some affect then also check the voltage @ S12000.

    Then try altering PWM base Freq and see what affects going up or down has to voltages. You should see some difference.

    I would think playing with the Basefreq along with Pulleys should get you sorted. But again only try one thing at a time.

    Unfortunately your at the point where helping from a distance isn't really possible as your down to fine tuning for speeds etc and that can only be done at the machine.

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    Cheers Jazz, i'm away until late tonight myself so i'll have an avenue to explore when i get back. the more i get to play with the settings the more i'm beginning to understand the interactions of the process involved, Thanks once again.

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    hi Neale, how do you control the 12 volt psu dropping out and the 5 volt kicking in?

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    I have a 2-way centre-off switch mounted on my control box which has an old pc power supply in it. That gives me both +5 and +12 selected via the switch - purely manual operation. My new machine (under construction for rather too long now) will use gcode switching via the motion control card; I'm not sure yet whether to stick to 5V or to add a manual override to give a short 12V burst at the start of a session or when first pushing water through the system. Once the pipes are full, the system is balanced and it doesn't need much to keep the water circulating (from a bucket at the side of the bench - never gets very warm but I'm not working the spindle very hard).

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    I have been busy most of the week but did have time to try and sort out the 1.5 v issue with the PWM on my breakout board. I tried changing the settings but didn't have any luck. in the end i had a read of (courtesy of Clive ) and decided to give this a go. i found a 10k 10 turn pot and it works a treat. i lost faith with the PWM control from the BOB because it ran on its own at a low R.P.M.when switched off and i didn't want to take any chances. The pot is on the door next to my P.C. so it worked out o.k.
    . my next task is to flash the table top and get it ready for some tee slot extrusion . i will have to revisit the PWM at a later stage when i'm more familiar and comfortable with the whole experience.
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