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    What are the 5 grey looking things in the middle Si ?

    Good to see your still pushing on with it all :)


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    They look like solid state relays
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clive S View Post
    They look like solid state relays
    U guessed correctly! :)


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    I messed around for a while with those for my control box but in the end I could not get them to do what I wanted. I think I was trying to use them to switch the main toroidal power supply using a DC circuit or something like that.

    I used a contactor in the end which works a treat and is the right thing for the job. Why so many and what are they switching?

    By the way, loving the machine so far.
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    Thats what i wanted, using them with my 24v psu to switch on the toroidal ps, spindle, cooling, estop, program estop and coolant. Using the 24v for switching. I hope it all works lol


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    Solid state relays are not always good thing to use because they often fail ON.!

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    Yeh ive heard that, the electricians in work have told me a few stories, which im surprised the fail on, i have two relays operating on the estop so i hope thats enough otherwise i will go back to normal relays.


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    Please only use normal relays or contactors for e-stop, SSR's are really only safe for loads like heaters and lamps, i learnt this years ago when i was doing R&D for printing process and finishing machinery. They fail regularly and 99% will fail ON not off. Even when used for heaters you need to use sensors for over-heat which happens when they fail.

    If using for motors, always fit a good snubber network to help protect the SSR.

    Loving the build BTW;)

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    Morning all, managed to get it up and running and wondering if anyone can give me some electrical advice,

    I'm currently using an akz250 (usb Bob) no I know that u need a stable 5v to run? Also using dq860ma steeper drivers.

    The problem is when I run a long program like the one in the picture, I loose steps in the x axis, one roughing cut depth is different to the next.

    Now I've tried slowing the motors down and changing the acc, and the problem still happens.

    I had a quick look at my wiring and ran a multi meter over the terminals, I have 4.45v going to (can't remember if it was step/dir) and 2.7v on the other terminal,

    Also my drive has an enbl + / - terminal, do I need to wire 5v signal to this? As my drive is working without it?


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