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    Blimey i knew it could get warm but not that hot! I think ill start with the sand!

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    Had a talk today about dampening and have thought of shot blast(cast iron type) mixed with kiln dried sand?

    Also a bit more progress....

    Ground and Ready to machine the slots on the top, and the steps on the underside of the bed.

    Once the rails have been bolted to the bottom it will be ground again to ensure the top is parrallel to the rails.

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    Any progress totts?

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    A few things, just been busy at work :( done a few parts but not interesting tho, just added a plate to the back of the z axis and made a few home switch mounts, got a few bits of aluminium and steel box section delivered, so hopefully will be able to start the stand, and start building :). Oh and have managed to start painting a few bits!
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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieuk View Post
    depends exactly on the epoxy but yes especially in warm temps, if you left a cup of epoxy to cure on its own you would be surprised how much smoke it can make! its a exothermic reaction so when if heat starts to build its a chain reaction and just gets hotter and hotter and will quickly turn into a smoking and bubbling mess. Ive never had flames but have heard of it. It all so doesn't make any different if you have some sort of filler mixed in with the epoxy so less actual resin to fill the space it will still have the same effect. As i said small quantities a bit at a time in a cold temp is your safest bet.
    You don't want to fill it with just epoxy, as that won't dampen anything. You want an epoxy-sand mix, with ~10-15% epoxy. You need a thin, slow setting epoxy to get enough working time. The sand will keep it from getting hot.

    I've mixed up a cup of epoxy sand, and it doesn't get hot at all. A cup of plain epoxy, on the other hand, will exotherm and get very hot in only a few minutes.
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    Few more things finally done after holidays, and a very busy couple of months at work!

    Have designed and made the steek stand for the machine

    Have roped in my dad to make the electronics cabinet!!

    Steel frame has been welded up and will hopefully have a lick of paint this weekend!

    Have also managed to make one of two plates which connects the x and y axis together...

    Hopefully will be able to make the other tomorrow,

    Soon be able to start putting things together :)

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  9. Stand needs some diagonal bracing or will flex/resonate under load. Ideally the electronics box should be steel not wood to provide safety earth and interference reduction.

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    The stand is merely there to make up the height, or would it still resonate? Will get to it at the weekend!

    Yeh thats what i was thinking last night! May have to re think that one!

  11. You'll be surprised how much movement gets transmitted to the base, especially if the mill is cnc. If purely manual it's less of an issue. My mill was on a wooden stand but wasn't cnc. Even so, starting the spindle with a large boring head or fly cutter caused noticeable movement as no soft start.

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    Irving is spot and the more ridged the better. I mostly build CNC routers not mills and often they go into sheds sat on bench's. My standard reply is this machines going to rock this shed and often the standard reply is a laugh thinking I'm joking.!! . . I'm not.!!
    Can't tell you the number of times I've got emails within a day or saying "Your right last night I ran a job fast and the whole shed rocked". . Lol . . . . . Even had some one drive the gantry thru the shed wall. .Lol

    CNC and the fast directional changes will easily rock a weak frame out of alignment or to bits etc or across the room if not fastened down.
    Regards the electronics then I'm not a fan of fastening the box directly to a vibrating machine or it's frame but sometimes need must.!
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