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    Lee, its copper grease just running out a bit, didnt want any of the coolant corroding the bottom of the rail and causing the table to lift, although minimal i may aswell do it while i can.

    Yes the dowels are there to push the rails towards the machined datum edge. Both edges 'should' be parrallel with one another.

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    Ah right both cool ideas I haven't seen before so thanks!

    Have you dialed them in with an indicator as well?

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    I will run a dti over them when i put the blocks on, but should be parrallel as the steps were machined in one setup. Touch wood!

    So more progress!

    Added the holes to fix a plate onto the back of the main pillar

    Mocking up the plate ready to drill and tap 20 holes with a hand drill :(

    Y axis plate all mounted with rails too, time to start adding the rest! Will be starting to get heavy!

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    Heavy z pillar going on now. Weathers starting to get cold now so i need to start priming some of the metalwork to stop it from rusting.

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    Looking very nice!

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    Very nice build, I especially like the T-slotted x-axis bed.


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    It is I'm very envious and can wait to see her cutting...


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    Thanks both of you, been really slow progress the past couple months had a member of family in hospital about a 100miles drive away in plymouth. And my daughter is due very soon so is going to be slow from now, but hopefully will get some time in the garage, :/

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    Looks like proper quality, spot on.
    Spelling mistakes are not intentional, I only seem to see them some time after I've posted

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    Started off looking awesome - now its getting better!!! G.

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