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    Finally after waiting for a few parts in the post, limit switch and oil lines are all in place, y axis is complete, now for the x

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    Some of you may have noticed the m8 holes are close to the edge on the ball nut holder, unfortunately the dimensions i was given for the limit switch were wrong and i had to change the size to get it to fit. Grrr

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    Well done. This site shows just what super work some people are able to produce. That is looking great. G.

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    first time ive seen this thread; just read with much interest. looking forward to the updates

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    i like it, what are you using to drive the oil down the tubes ?

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    A couple of ideas, one is to either attach them onto a manifold with individual grease nipples, or attach them to an oil resivoir and attach a valve to presurise it to push the oil through.

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    I obtained small 220V pump from an iron or steam cleaner, not sure. Payed 2 euro on a boot sale. Similar to the ones used in cars, that throw water on the front glass. However i prefer the 220V version cause no messing with transformers and so plus it vibrates instead of rotates, so pumps slowly, exactly what we need. The one i have is something similar to this one , checked it with oil and it works. Believe the flow is adequate for the purpose.
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    [QUOTE=silyavski;65874Believe the flow is adequate for the purpose.[/QUOTE]

    Are you sure the pressure output is sufficient?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathan View Post
    Are you sure the pressure output is sufficient?
    Not sure. But pressure for what? it just has to move the oil down, hence slightly help the gravity. Oil, not grease. Your oil system has pressure?
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    Getting cold in the garage ! :( need to make more bits now as ive nearly ran out of things to put together :s

    Beds on now yay! Hopefully there to stay!

    And some more oil feed lines

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