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    Haha sorry, been very busy, after an eventfull house moving, the machine has moved home!

    I purposefully stopped building about 3months ago to stop adding too much weight.

    Its still laying on its back on a pallet at the moment, having the 250kg tail lift struggle to lift it into the van, 3 of us needed to give it a helping hand!

    Hopefully i will get it back on its feet in the next week and i can start making it heavy.

    At least all this downtime has let me make all the small bits!

    More photos and videos sooon! I promise!

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    Sweet, good luck in the new house then will keep an eye out for the updates coming in


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    Nothing exciting but i have finally removed all the crap from ontop of the machine from the moving process.

    The machine has survived just need to get a few people together to help me lift the machine onto its feet.

    Then i can square up the rear pillar and away we go!

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    Looking forward to more updates soon!! I can relate to the clearing crap off the was mine this morning.....second is this afternoon as I'm going to start back on it again ASAP.....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Busy day today!

    Didnt have a square big enough so i had to make one!

    Moved it to its final position hopefully so i took the chance to use my dads level ;)

    Good enough i think!

    Next was the rear z axis plate with the bearings ball screw and oil lines!

    Spindle enclosure, will do a bit of machining like this when its running to make a few parts for itself so i dont have to keep staying on at work. Then it will be filled with sand and the gas strut will be put to work.

    Surprises me that i can twist the ball screw with my fingers and lift the axis up!

    And the spindle placed in there for a test fit and quick measure up.

    Y axis has a bit of backlash but im happy to just get it up and running for now! Think it may be the end suport of the ballscrew rather than the nut!

    Runnout of the spindle with dowel pin is less than 0.01mm lucky!

    And with me yanking the spindle and the dti on the nose i couldnt make it move more than 0.01mm happy as f@!

    Clean up time and tea time!

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    Oh an the spindle pictures i forgot!

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    Lovely build totts !

    Will you be using bellows over the rails and ballscrews?

    Either way can't wait to see it in action . . .
    Building a CNC machine to make a better one since 2010 . . .
    MK1 (1st photo), MK2, MK3, MK4

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    Yeh will do just trying to source some, arc euro trade have some but just got to measure them up.

    Same still loads to do unfortunately! Electronics! Ahhhhhh!

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    Oh and does anyone use a touch screen on mach? Or know where to get a resonable priced one?

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    Hi totts, thanks for the update.

    They pop up on eBay all the time, there is also a type that convert a standard monitor, it depends on what you go for but you can get like a retro fit panel/kit if you dont mind going to China, have a search on ebay see what comes up, loads cheaper than a proper one :).

    This is the first one that came up but should get you started:

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