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    Hello everyone, well after making my first router type cnc machine on a budget ive decided to push the boat out and make a milling machine based of a sieg x3 machine.

    The machine is going to be a bit larger than an x3 and hopefully far more rigid.

    linear rails on all axis
    DQ860MA 80V Drivers
    yet to decide on powersupply
    3.0Nm on X and Y nema 23
    4.5Nm on z nema 34
    2.2kw spindle to start with and hopefully BT30 spindle with ATC in the future.

    Pictures to follow:

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    Hopefully this is what it will look like: Nearly fully Drawn

    Ears welded up to support the z axis

    Z axis sides, 20mm thick:

    The z axis fully built ready to be surface ground:

    Surface ground and holes drilled and tapped for the ears:

    Just checking the squareness: looks pretty good although this is adjustable on final assembly:

    Mock up:

    Steps machined for linear rails and ball screw supports and nut:

    All holes drilled for linear rails, ball screw supports and the screws which will push them towards the parallel edges:

    Y axis plate machined and holes drilled ready to mount the rails and then surface ground:
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    This is just a test piece to check how well the taper locks up: was pretty good with just letting it drop in under its own weight, it would stay in when held upside down, and with a tap of a mallet i wasn't able to pull it apart by hand :)

    Adjustable gas strut to help with the weight of the heavy z axis:

    That's all for now apart from the rails and ball screws that everyone has seen before, material for the bed has been ordered and hopefully will be starting this soon :)

    Hopefully everyone likes the build so far!
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    Very nice and definitely will be following this build.

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    There I was at lunch time today browsing through google images at other peoples mill type builds (shortly after reading through JBs x3 conversion thread), i'm keen to have a go at my own mill type, is it obvious yet?

    Then I jump on tonight and I find this gem of a thread! Yea! Perfect timing, cant wait for the rest totts !?!


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    Starting to look very purposeful. Well done. G.

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    Thankyou, lots still to do, everytime i think about it theres more to do! :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by totts View Post
    Thankyou, lots still to do, everytime i think about it theres more to do! :(
    Hehe always the way, are you going to fill the z axis column with anything to help with resonance or do you plan for something else, what are you going to use for the base of the machine, my thoughts are a nice slab of steel?


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    I have a nice solid slab of aluminium as shown in the drawing, about 500mm x700mm by 76mm thick so i hope this will be solid enough.

    I was going to fit some of the electronics into the colomn but i am now going to make a stand to house the spindle cooler, electronics, pc and coolant pump, so will probably think about filling the column with something after the z stepper and y stepper is mounted so i know where to fill.

    Trouble is the cost keeps mounting up :( best not to take note and hide the reciepts from the missus hahah
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    Good start - almost getting jealous!

    A few general observations...

    Have you seen the BT30 ATC spindles on Aliexpress? If you're happy with 6000rpm then they're not excessively expensive:

    PSU - why no decision? A toroidal transformer of around 500VA would be ideal.

    What is the mass of the Z-axis (head, spindle etc) and what are the dimensions of the Z-axis ballscrew? I've made a script to calculate it more accurately, so if you post that information we can make sure the motor you've chosen is the best option. I suspect you may be OK with one of the 3-4Nm Nema 24 motors. The gas strut makes surprisingly little difference if you try to get a reasonable acceleration...

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like you're leaving the back of the Z column open, so it's a C-shape section not a box? If so then you should defiantly put another plate on the back, as the torsional stiffness of a C-section is very low compared to a box. That's one of the big advantages of putting the ballscrew on the front of the column, not inside - you can have a closed section.
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