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    Any feedback on this below,theres not that much chat about em on the web...,im not sure how long they've been around.
    Don't know anything about these UC300 but do know plenty about other USB based motion control cards SS USBCNC etc and I would advise you to go with Ethernet based cards as they are much better regards handling noise which plagues USB cards. They also allow much longer cable runs and can be connected to networks etc. They appear to give a cleaner signal as well which translates into faster smoother motion.

    My Favorite (and I have most common cards) by a very long margins is the CSLABS CSMIO-IP-M or IP-S and while the IP-S is expensive nothing comes remotely close in it's class.

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    cheers,i know the Ethernets favourite over usb, I cant do it this time round,this lathes got to help stock up on a bunch of components,then I will move it on in favour for an emco go for the ss usb from the uk seller but its still twice the price of that uc300.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deisel View Post
    .id go for the ss usb from the uk seller but its still twice the price of that uc300.
    Yes it's a very good price and this leads me to think that with the amount of time it's been around that maybe it's not that good.? . . . Why because if it was good then at that price I'd expect to see a lot more folks using it and I don't.!

    That said I never discredit or promote anything unless I have personal experience of some kind and tried to kill it. So I'll just say give it a try and let us know.!

    To be honest I may even give one try my self as I have couple of small Boxford lathes i need to convert so if I do I'll report back.!

    Edit: Let me just say that with Motion control cards it's often the Plug-in for Mach3 and how it's supported that lets the card down. The SS being a prime example, Warp9 are RUBBISH at updating plug-in's or bug removal so if your system does have any issues with the plug-in or Mach3 is updated and breaks your plug-in it can take an age to get fixed.
    The better more expensive cards have the software very dialed in and with relatively little to no bugs and if you are unlucky enough to have any issues then they sort them out quickly.
    So believe me if you do have any issues you'll be glad you payed that bit more.!
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