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    A newbie question but,
    I want to connect my driver to power supply.
    My DM442 driver has ports labelled +VdC and GND for supplying power to it.
    My power supply (PS408-12) (http://www.leadshine.com/productdeta...model=PS408-12) has a VH+ and VH-.
    Does +VdC connect to VH+ and does GND connect to VH-.
    Its just that the GND port on driver has got me confused as to whether i connect to VH- or to the earth ground on star point.

  2. yes Vdc -> VH+, Gnd -> VH-

    NOTHING connects to the star point except mains earth, cable shields, machine frame... its a safety earth... don't confuse 'ground' on power supplies, BOBs etc, which correctly should be labelled 0v to differentiate it from +Volts with 'earth' or 'safety ground'.

    The reason the power supply says VH+ and VH- is that it has isolated outputs (from 'safety ground') so depending on application either output could be designated as 0v.

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