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    We develop a thin film for hard works may be it can do the job better then your double sided tape, by the way what king of double sided tape do you use? please take a look at the movie.
    Very nice, but its a shame that the camera man is on LSD
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    Heh. Clive, try this one:

    Looks like the LSD scoffing camera-man has swapped places with the machinist and forgotten to turn the air on...

    But no, seriously. The tape looks excellent, provided that it comes off. Any samples going..?

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    Best bit of Video for me is seeing a Gas cylinder hanging mid air inside VMC cabinet. . . That's what you call useful Health and safety..

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    Very easy. Superglue. Clean surface, glue to metal plate, clamp plate. 16 hours later put plate in acetone. Wait, enjoy finished part. Wont work if part dont like acetone...


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