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    Tape measure is pretty accurate, more than you might imagine ;)

    Very clean, where is all the mess from cutting!?

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    Not done much cutting yet, just facing the beams so they are square and using my tape measure for measuring ;-)

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    Spent about 3 hours today learning to weld...Think I need another 3 months and I might get somewhere! I kept getting the rod stuck , I managed to get it arc'ing probably 2 or 3 times and once it was arc'ing I could get it going again until I changed the rod and then it was back to square one :-( , am I using too low an amp setting? I am using 2.5mm rods and I tried the welders recommended setting of 80amps but the only time I got it arcing was at about 110amps. Is that too high or should I go higher still.
    Better still, any welders in the Derby area want to help me out who needs the use of a mini mill :-)
    Cheers, Charlie

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    Hi Charlie
    I don't do a lot of stick welding as i have TIG but i do use it for rough jobs, you should be OK with the recommended Amps, what usually happens as you have found is the rod sticking to the job then you can't pull it off and it starts to get red hot so you have to release it from the holder. sometimes you can drag the rod across the job to initiate the arc but i prefer to peck it until it starts the arc.
    if you get a sticky one that wont start just file a notch through the flux a bit further up and break the end off to expose the electrode and try again. you will get the hang of it.

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    Thanks for the reply, I have watched tons of YouTube videos so should be an expert by now , I have tried the drag (strike a match) and tapping method but before I even manage an arc the rod seems to stick, maybe its in my technique, I will try again.
    Cheers, Charlie

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    I'm not a welder but if you are having trouble getting it to arc, have you made sure the material is clean and a good conducive surface is exposed?

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    Try practicing without the set set on, what you appear to be doing is not pulling the rod away to allow an arc to form, so tap the workpiece and pull the rod away about 15mm with the power on the arc should initiate, then lower the rod to get a stable arc.
    re cutting to length, tape rule should be fine but i dont like the loose bit on the end so always measure from the 100mm mark and add 100mm to your required length, i clamp the rule with a rubber faced clamp.
    Good luck
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    80 amps seems ok from my experience (a few 10s of 2.5mm and another so many 3.2mm). If between rods you cannot get it to arc, try breaking the flux around the electrode by hand. Careful, it is hot.

    It really makes a difference when you have very clean metal both on the hot side as well as where you apply your grounding clamp. Also try to minimise the distance between the two.


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    how old are your rods ?

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    Warm the rods before using put them in oven or on radiator over night. Damp rods make a big difference has do cheap rods.!! . . . Damp Rods and cheap quality you'll always struggle if not experienced.

    Practice on some scrap material of the same type your trying to weld.! Then When welding have piece of scrap at the side and strike up on this first to heat the rod.
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